Starbright Project NOW OPEN!


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Alright writers and readers!

The Starbright Project fan fiction prequel series is now officially open!

The Pilot Episode titled, "Origins" is posted! I hope you enjoy it. It gives you a sense of the new characters and hopefully a taste of the ones you already know like Sam, Al, Gooshie, and Tina... just to name a few.

Check out the character pages for faces of actors I had in mind when designing the new characters (and the canon characters as well)!

So read it... then start writing your own story! Be sure to check out the submissions page for guidelines on how to submit your stories.

If you decide to read the history page, be warned... there are spoilers, so until you read the pilot, you may not want to visit that page just yet.

I hope this will be fun for all! Let me know if you have questions, suggestions, or problems with the site. Your feedback will help this series grow in a positive direction!

Welcome to The Starbright Project! Click here to enter the site!