Superhero exhibit in Los Angeles


Project QL Intern
Nov 22, 2008

I just learned that will be a very cool exhibit on the Golden Age of Superheroes during the time of the Con! Based on Mapquest its only 13 minutes from the Hotel.

This is perfect!

I am a HUGE comic fan, a Superman fan in particular, so I am definitely going to this. Its just a question of when to fit into the convention's schedule.

If anyone wants to join me let me know. Maybe its on a bus route?
Well i won't have a car,but if someone will give us a ride...
Though Bus can be fine,We'll just need to know where we can take this bus.
BTW what is the price of a Bus drive inside L.A?
I want to be there on Thursday, March 26th. How i'll get there...I Don't know yet. It's depends on where i'm going to stay.
Have fun!

I am going on a bowling trip that day with some other Con guests. SO it won't work for me that day. But don't wait for me to go if you can get there on your own.
I want to go on thursday because you wrote it's free,and if i can save some money on this trip,i'm gonna try and do it.
Anyway I hope you'll you have fun too, and thank you.
No I didn't either. Sorry to here you were sick.

My flight to Los Angeles was delay for 6 hours due to weather on Thursday. I had other plans that day anyways. But the rest of the weekend was so busy it was impossible to go.

There was so much to do at the convention I don't mind missing it. There are some pictures of the exhibit on flickr.