Table read of QUANTUM LEAP: A BOLD LEAP FORWARD with the stars!


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Happy Leap Day!

The Quantum Leap Podcast presents a table read of QUANTUM LEAP: A BOLD LEAP FORWARD featuring:

Trey Callaway (Author)
Caitlin Bassett (Addison)
Nanrisa Lee (Jenn)
Georgina Reilly (Janis)
Deborah Pratt as Ziggy!
Albert Mark Burdge
Christopher DeFilippis
Allison Pregler

This was such a huge surprise yesterday. Such a great tribute to Matt. I am in love with Caitlin, Georgina, and Nanrisa so much. Crazy to think that 2 years ago I had never heard of any of them. But now I feel like I have know them forever.

I have read descriptions of this script for years but the first time I have heard the whole thing. I think Trey Callaway did a great job under huge expectations.

I totally understand why he changed Sammy Jo’s backstory. He had to reintroduce her within that movie to audiences who never saw the original Trilogy episodes. But that exposes what a tricky character she always was.

Truth is she was not really a character more sliver of an Idea. We saw her briefly as a young girl. With no knowledge of her real father at all. If the show had gotten a 6th season likely would appeared and been developed in “present day” and played by Melora Hardin. But time passed and that was more of a What If that never happened.

I am not sure I even understand her new backstory here. Sounds like Sam never met her as a child but he remembers her. How he discovered she even existed was meeting her as a child.

Honestly if this was made I am sure I would have loved it. If it had continued these continuity quirks would have been overlooked as the show progressed into weekly formula. But would all fans have excepted or understood the need to change things.

Sam’s role in all this is very nebulous. Scott signed on to this. But as it got closer to filming he would have wanted imput. Pure speculation but it’s possible Don and Scott were talking separately from Don’s conversations with Trey.
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That was really, really good. The change in Sami Jo's backstory was a bit jarring but the story so, so, so good. It feels like an extension of the original series. I hate that we missed our chance to ever see it, I would have loved Samantha as a new leaper, with Al and Sam still in the story. Guppy was a nice new character as well. The irony that in this version Beth would have passed away yet we now have a show where I am really enjoying getting to know Al's widow and daughter instead, they feel like alternate universes of each other. I mean I guess the story could be rewritten but Al is a lot of the heart of A Bold Leap Forward, an Al we never saw on screen and now can never see. An yet with a vivid mind's eye and ear I can "see" and "hear" the nuanced performance Dean would have given. Part of that is how well cast Georgina R. is as Al's daughter, there were moments where you could tell she'd studied his performances. I so want to see more of her and Susan as Beth on the show.

Al as a Professor is interesting, I don't normally think of him as having the brains/knowledge to *teach* Quantum Physics and yet he is obviously intelligent, the changes of the revised timeline, his long term friendship with Sam Beckett, what it would have taken to rebuild an accelerator even with Sam's notes/plans that and needing university resources/space as a cover - yeah I find it believable that an older Al could be found in that place doing that thing.

And yeah Caitlin B. felt right as Samantha, she also has the looks to be believable as related to Sam Beckett/Scott. Also just a really awesome thing that so many of the cast were part of this. I had no idea Deborah Pratt was so good at pulling voices, she added a lot to it. They all did - this was just really cool to watch/listen to.

I miss being part of table reads, from my theater days, that looked like a *lot* of fun. Thank you for this gift to everyone involved in making it happen :)