Tala Lothoman

QL Damsel

Al's Place / TVS & QR & Radio Files Administrator
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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

Played by: Kathy Ireland

Job description: Logistics Technician

Parents: Dr. Zo? Malvison and Dr. Nathaniel Lothoman

Tala was born March 24, 1994, the second of twin daughters.

Tala was raised by nannies and had many tutors to help her succeed in life? but has never had the affection of any parental figure. She received her primary and high school education within the complex, and was tutored by the highest minds in the country as per Lothos' orders. She is brilliant when it comes to solving problems with mathematics and working with the computer as a tool to help her, she can solve almost any problem that comes to her. That is precisely the reason that she was placed in the Lothos' Main Control Room to catch any problems that come to her desk as they come from the Logistics Sector as well as record and take note of all goings on at the complex.

Tala is more like her mother when she gets upset, blowing up quickly. Her demeanor is normally icy and headstrong and bullheaded. She hates to admit when she is wrong and only admits it to herself. Instead of asking things of people, she's more demanding. She is also the only other person in the complex that does not have an implant. Tala was born with asthma and came into the world having a severe asthma attack. She was immediately taken to the smaller of two infirmaries in the cellar of the complex and treated. She was then taken to a woman to be raised away from her sister and raised by nannies.

Tala also has a mysterious nature about her. Other people in the project understand that Lothos holds her highly, but they don't know or understand why. Since this is the case, they seem to hold a little more respect for her.

Tala enjoys reading, watching movies, enjoys the outdoors and likes to listen to all kinds of music. Her life hasn't been as sheltered as her sister's and she has fun as she roams the complex. Tala enjoys children but thinks that they are a hindrance more than a help.