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Dec 20, 2002
I was just looking at the comic book section, and remembered that I bought two of them (#6 and #9) last December through an online auction. (I still haven't read them. :eek: Same with the Thundercats comics I got sometime since then...)

Does anyone else out there (besides Brian, obviously) own any of the comics? Are they a good read? How accurate are they to the original series?

... Mike. ^_^
I managed to track down every issue, Mike. I would have to say that most of the issues followed the same format of the television series; it was kind of like a precursor to TVS; every issue was written by a different author... the main problem was the length of the stories. Since most of them can be read in about 5-10 minutes, it doesn't leave much room for character development. Other than that, the comic pretty much had the same "feel" as the TV series. That particular comic company (when they still existed) was known for being dead-on with the stuff they licensed.

On a side note, I too have the Thundercats comics. I would definitely recommend you read them, Mike. I really like how the story has been evolving: much darker and more serious in tone than the original series, and yet, still "feels" like Thundercats. (Mumm-Ra actually ruled over them for a time, until they rose from the ashes of defeat.)

And while we're on the subject of comics based on TV shows, were you aware that there were a small number of issues of a Sliders comic several years back? (I have all of them too, btw. :p )
Although, I didn't find them as enjoyable as the QL comics.
I am in the middle of building my Quantum Leap Comic collection at the middle. I have 5 comics at the minute and I have a bid on for a further 4 comics to add to my collection. I am not going to read them until the collection is completed, but I am sorely tempted to. Just hope I complete the collection soon!

Leap On!

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Quantum Leap Comics for sale !

If any of you are interested

I'm having a clear out of all of the "stuff" that I've collected over far too many years....and included in this lot are :

A complete set of the Innovations QL comics...all in NM condition and bagged.

Several QL P/B novels (can't remember which ones at the moment but will have a look if there's any interest)

Plus loads more TV/SF related stuff (far too many comics !) X-Files, Buffy, Xena, Star Trek, TNG, DS9, Sliders etc etc.

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