The Impossible Dream


Project QL Intern
**********(10 stars) is my rating for Quanta Dimensional Leap's The Impossible Dream! I loved it.
It's a funny thing that before QL:TVS moved to Al's Place my computer wasn't able to load it and then I would try to download the QDL episodes before it moved to Brian's site and my computer wouldn't be able to download the episodes.
But, all in all, great job to everyone involved with the production of The Impossible Dream!(Gelfing: ;) )

~Steve(aka RossBeckett)
A special thanks to Don Bellisario, M.J., A.J., and Aurora!
I'm glad you enjoyed it Steve! Everyone worked really hard on it and it was a great collaborative experience. :)

Hope you get a chance to hear some of the other works too now that it's here at Al's Place!

Happy Listening,
You know what's amazing, is that even after a LONG time of not listening to this play (and I'm the Producer of this one too)...

I can't believe how Shane portrays Sam sooooo well -- especially that scene where he's out in the field - talking with Al.

And I enjoy it more and more just listening to it -- and getting chills.
Ah, nostalgia...

Every play in the Radio Files holds a special place in my heart. Personally, they represent a simpler time in my life. I know it's not reflected in the actual production but, at the time I was voicing them, my life wasn't quite the mad dash it's become. I'm very honored to have been a part of the process and am surprised to see you all still talking about them.

In Peace,
Are you nuts!? Not talk about those things!??? Those were the best plays to work on and I'm the one honored that I got the chance to mix a few of them... especially this one!

Shane, check your PM box... hon.