Today in Quantum Leap History: March 14


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"Loch Ness Leap" (Quantum Leap Novel by Sandy Schofield)

Dr. Donald Harding, theoretical physicist, believes only in science. His son Travis believes in the unbelievable.

It’s March 14, 1986 when Sam leaps into Harding, who has come to Loch Ness, where his son is attempting to prove to him the existence of the fabled monster. Ziggy says that there is a fifty percent chance that Sam is there to keep the two from becoming permanently estranged.

But Sam suspects that there is something more to the leap – something concerning Travis Harding’s girlfriend, an oddly familiar young woman who calls herself Dixie Fuller.

Sam is right. He is not at Loch Ness for Donald Harding’s son – he is there for his own daughter. And what he does will be the key to her future – as well as his own…

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