Today in Quantum Leap History: March 31


Al's Place Bartender
Staff member
"Angels Unaware"

March 31, 1995

Years after Al appears to a young girl and leads her to believe he is her guardian angel, the girl, now grown, loses her faith and goes to a monastery to die, and Sam, having leaped into the body of a priest, must prevent her death.

Sam has leapt into a Catholic priest named Samuel O’ Keefe, and it’s his job to help a young woman named Teresa Bruckner, who he had contact with in another leap. She was a little girl at the time, but she remembers the promise of Angel Al that he would come back and has been waiting for him ever since. Will she finally get her wish before it’s too late? Who is the mysterious woman Angela and what is her connection to Sam, Al and Teresa? What is she there to do?

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