U.K. Release: Ghost and the Gumshoe (Julie Robitaille)

U.K. Release: Ghost and the Gumshoe (Julie Robitaille)

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Sam Leaps back in time and finds himself in a cemetery where he sees Troian, a beautiful but grief-stricken young woman. On seeing Sam, the woman drags him into a mausoleum where he is confronted by the tomb of Julian Claridge. The woman then tells Sam she is Julian Claridge's widow.
So the scene is set for a supernatural mystery. Sam realizes he has Leapt into the life of Dr. Timothy Mintz, a ghost buster who has been sent to help Troian find out whether it is the voice of her drowned husband that keeps haunting her, or whether it is someone very much from the land of the living who is trying to drive Troian mad. Note: this is a novelisation of the television episodes A Portrait for Troian and Play It Again, Seymour
Publishing Information:

Quantum Leap: The Ghost and the Gumshoe
By: Julie Robitaille
ISBN-10: 1852833971 ISBN-13: 9781852833978
Publisher: Boxtree Ltd - 1994-01
Paperback | 192 Pages | Sales Rank: 1136577

ETA: Originally published by Corgi Books, London, 1990
This was the first QL book I got, I was only 12 when I got this book and I couldn't wait to read it. I think it took me about two months to read this book, now I can read it within a few hours.

I recieved this book about the same time QL finished on BBC2. So this book helped me get through the pain.

When I read this book, I'd not seen the episodes. I didn't see them until a months later when BBC2 started to show the earlier seasons as reruns.