What about the beach?


Project QL Intern
Sep 10, 2006
Cocono's in the Poconos
So is it reasonable to hope to go to the beach in March in LA? Are there any good beaches that I could get to from the hotel? I rarely get to the ocean, so I like to take any chance I get.

Besides, it's friggin' cold here in PA right now, and I'm starting to dream of warm places.
We're a ways from the coast at the con hotel, but nothing prohibative.

Santa Monica and Venice Beach (Home to the infamous gym on the beach) are about twenty miles away. Long Beach - home to the Queen Mary if you feel like a little QL location spotting - is a bit of a trek, at around 35 miles, but I've done the trip via metro/bus from Hollywood, and it's not so bad.

You can also go on whale watching tours, which are fantastic, from San Pedro.