What happened to the Scifi Quantum Leap Forums?


Project QL Intern
Jan 27, 2007
did Scifi decide to Delete them, after they lied to us about making the movie, so they could make money off the dvds?
After days, weeks and months of asking them to monitor the board a bit better and to ban particular troll, we all got fed up of waiting. Their replies were always short and never helpful.

Thanks Brian built us a new home and we all moved here. Any new members that went to scifi.com, we all told them about Al's Place. This place started to populate into the wonderful place that it is now and scifi.com just died. With no-one messaging about their board, I guess they just shut up shop.

They've only themselves to blame. When you offer a service, you should look after your visitors and clientelle. Brian does and he reaps the benefits. Brian IS Quantum Leap in our eyes.