Who wants to participate?? 35 years of QL!


Project QL Intern
Jan 1, 2024
Hi guys! Opening this up to any QL fans who are here...

Tuesday March 26th marks the 35th anniversary of when Genesis first aired!!

We (Korman Productions Deep Dive TV Podcast) are compiling video clips from fans to celebrate 35 years of QL! Will be included with our Genesis revisit that drops on Tuesday and as a stand alone special on Wednesday.

Anyone who wants to be included, please send a short video clip. Introduce yourself, and discuss your relationship with the QL fandom over the past 35 years! (Ie: when did you start watching? Fav episodes? Show off your QL swag, etc. And plug any projects or things you want people to visit, QL related or not!)

I know it's not a lot of time, but MUST be received by Monday afternoon.

Sent videos or share via Google Drive to both:


Finished video will be on the Korman Productions YouTube Channel and shared in the PODCAST section of these forums!!

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