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I was at both the LeapBack and LFCC and I can tell you that I was disappointed with my autograph and photo meet at LFCC. I was really unhappy with my Sunday "professional" photo, paid the 25 pounds and got the worse photo thank goodness the Saturday photo was a decent one. During the talk was a different story as he did sing Happy Birthday to me, but I am so grateful for the LeapBack con that I have better memories from the autograph meet.

I'm just glad there were other celebs to meet at LFCC, I had a great chat with Dominic Keating and got a kiss from Peter Fracinelli during the Twilight talk. It was these guys that made the LFCC worth the trip from Australia. I wouldn't say Scott was a jerk, I would say it was the conditions enforced on him and the volunteers around him that made him come across as a jerk.
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