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Originally Posted by ChickenStu View Post
You know, I have to take back what I said about Mr Bakula. I've seen a few things with him on YouTube where he's unaware he's being filmed and he comes across as pretty cool.

Maybe I just caught the dude at a bad time.
Now that's cool, glad you changed your mind, I have met Scott several times now and I never saw him in a bad mood but he does want to tend to all his fans and if you get to exchange a few words with him and get a couple back than that's just great, but I know I am not the only fan and there always is a long line behind me so I tend to keep it short but sweet too just so Scott will indeed be able to attend to all the fans. Since he always takes care of the very last fan and never leaves untill that last auto is signed i really wouldnt want him to be the one to turn out the lights and lock the place up before he could finally go back to his hotel
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