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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Something about this episode doesn't add up. It's made pretty clear that Al is the only who is capable of noticing a change in their present if there is one (which I also don't see why he didn't try to argue with that despite that it would appear as an excuse). The novels though not canon directly use this in many cases but there is also an example from the show right in the conclusion of this leap when the chairmen becomes Diane and no one but Al was stunned. So the whole U2 attempt was lost me. Even if Sam had succeeded there, no one on the board would have realized it thus holds the original chairmen's point that they only have "The word of a computer".

On another subject, it occurred to my best friend and I that the ex husband (whose name I have no idea how to correctly spell) seemed to have a sensory ability somewhat similar to the grandfather in Freedom mixed with a little of the madness his therapist diagnosed him with which was picking up Sam. The eyes of a man who couldn't kill, Tom McBride was a cop, I heavily doubt he'd worked his way up to Lt. without killing any suspects in the line of duty. Not only does he carry a gun but he brought the thing on his Honeymoon and I am sure it wasn't to be kinky. This says to me that he is a pretty conscientious cop, to have been concerned about danger on what is mostly a honeymoon train and that he had expected in that said 'hypothetical' danger to have to use that gun.

Sam on the other hand is very much a man who was unfamiliar with taking a human life and would never dream of it. I love the guy's last words "Next time it will be easier" which was true. "Next time" was in Her Charm and it even came somewhat naturally.
My take on it was that this episode was the first time they realized that no one else but Al would recognize that history had been changed so Al's attempt to get Sam to change the U2 incident made sense. He didn't know it couldn't work. One could argue that he should have known since they had been changing peoples' lives for over a season and people accepted whatever Sam changed as part of history, forgetting what happened before the changes. But there will inevitably be some inconsistencies in a time travel series.

I think that, when the guy looked at Sam, it wasn't the eyes themselves but the look in his eyes, the facial expressions, the body language, everything saying this was a man who could not easily take a life.

This was the first episode where Sam killed and I loved the way Scott Bakula played it, the pain on his face when the dying guy said not to worry because the next time would be easier, almost as if Sam knew he was right, that there probably would be a situation like this again and that fear that maybe it would be easier to do.

I don't think it was the first episode where Sam fell in love and really wanted to stay there. BUT, it was the first episode where I agreed with him and would want to stay there myself.
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