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Default Re: Ziggy - name

Article 144:
Another Question

Date: 09/05/1999
From: JenCon9678

I was looking back at some of the other forum questions from the past and somebody mentioned that Al gave Ziggy her nickname. What episode did Al tell Sam he did this and did he ever say why he gave her that nickname?

Reply 1:
It was implied

Date: 09/06/1999
From: Quantumcool

They never actually say it, but it is implied. In "A Leap For Lisa" when Al is killed Ziggy's name was changed to Alpha. Maybe Al gave her this name or Al's influence made Sam name her Ziggy.

Quantum Leap: Prelude (book)

Date: 09/07/1999
From: 3_of_9


This is my first time posting/replying, but I do have a little info that you might find interesting.

In the Quantum Leap book series, there was one book that dealt with the start of Project Quantum Leap. It was called "Prelude", by Ashley McConnell. It shouldn't be too hard to locate a copy.

In the book, Ziggy's name is explained.

I normally don't read book adaptations of a tv series, but this one was an exception. In the intro to the book, the author states that it is not the story of _how_ QL started, but how QL _could_ have started.

Hope this is usefull.

{Moderators comment: My recollection was that Ziggy was named for a cartoon character - by Sam. Can anybody tell me if I am crazy (well, yes okay, I *know* I am crazy in general) or if my memory is correct, and if so, where did this info come from?}
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