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Default Email Spam

Ever have this happen? You get an email that notes you weren't the only one to get it by a bunch of addresses linked into it. All of them with the same extension on them and it has a spam document in it for download that has an unknown file extension to it & is named untitled?

This happened yesterday, I'm very careful about who knows my email due to not wanting spammers but it looks like I was targeted for this by my email extension. Who ever sent this really didn't care what I thought of the document once opened. By this I mean, what this person was selling ... it says this person thought I was a guy, that's all I'll say to that.

Yes, I did scan it with an anitvirus before opening it.
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Just to be safe, I would never open an attachment sent by someone I don't know, even after an antivirus scan. The virus makers are constantly creating new viruses, and the antivirus software doesn't always catch every virus.

I always delete any email that appears to be spam or a sales pitch, without opening it.
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