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Default Trapped In The Past?

Oh boy....

Greetings and Salutations.

I'm a first-generation Quantum Leap fan, who became obsessed with the series when it first aired. Being a somewhat young-and-impressionable kid at the time the series began (around 9 years old, for the first season) yet just old enough to understand some of the show's more mature themes, I feel like Quantum Leap had a strong influence on my personality.

I've recently re-discovered my obsession with the show, when I decided to take a walk down memory lane and re-watch some of the old episodes. Before I knew it I was hooked again. Ironically (and yet again proving the universe has a funny sense of humor) watching the old shows makes me feel almost like I'm leaping back to an earlier period within my own lifetime.

I actually discovered this place when I was trying to figure out why some of the leap sequences in season 2 do not match the leap into the next episode.

Anyway, this seems like a pretty cool, if not super-active forum. I look forward to checking out some of the fan fiction-- something I've never really gotten into before, but in this case I think I might enjoy.

Well, uh... I guess that's it for now.
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Welcome to Al's Place!
I too watched the show when it was first run on television and loved it. I was really glad when the series was finally released on DVD,but extremely disappointed with Universal for cheaping out and replacing the original music with cheesy instrumental "muzak".

I truly hope that if a movie of this show is ever made,they will bring Sam home and they will use Dean and Scott while they still can and not go the route of so many other Hollywood "remakes" of classic shows and try to modernize it for "todays generation".

Look what they did to "Knight Rider" when they brought it back. (shudder!)
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Welcome from the resident Brit.

Good to have you a-board!

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