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View Poll Results: What Characters do you see more in?
I see more of Sam in Jonathan Archer 2 66.67%
I see more of Jon in Sam Beckett 0 0%
Not Sure maybe both 1 33.33%
Voters: 3. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05-14-2009, 09:20 PM   #1
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Default Sam Beckett VS. Jonathan Archer

Hey all! I'm sorry that I haven't been around much lately I hope everything is going well with everyone here. And to those that went to the convention last month I hope that you had a wonderful time This is my first poll I decided to do I hope I do alright with it. I been watching Enterprise on Sci-Fi yep you heard correct Imagine me watching that station again after being angry with them for 5 years! LOL Anyways I recently seen episodes from where Scott was Captian Archer. I have several opinions on viewing it and many of you can share yours to. I grown to love him now even as Sam Beckett cause he is sweet, kind and caring. Jonathan Archer is about the same in some ways only one thing was more compassion as Sam shows on Quantum leap to anyone thats upset or crying meaning..He hugs them why didn't they have Jonathan do that to T'pol or Travis when he lost his father? Now there are some things I seen in both of these characters as I continued watching. In Sam Beckett I can see some of Jonathan in him there and on Enterprise I can see some of Sam in Jon? I would love to see everyone's thought about this one question to both of them Is Sam Beckett more Jonathan Archer or is Jon more Sam Beckett. Feel free to step in at anytime
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I see the two characters as complely separate and different characters. If any similarities exist between them, it begins and ends with the physical similarities. Had Jonathan Archer been a carbon copy of Sam Beckett - acting, thinking and reacting like him - I would have been highly disappointed in the lack of creativity displayed. Other than the fact that both characters were portrayed by Scott Bakula, I don't see anything the same about them.

Jonathan Archer is about the same in some ways only one thing was more compassion as Sam shows on Quantum leap to anyone thats upset or crying meaning..He hugs them why didn't they have Jonathan do that to T'pol or Travis when he lost his father?
Starfleet is a quasi-military organization. Had Capt. Archer gone around hugging his crew whenever something went wrong, he, most likely, wouldn't have had much respect from his crew. Frankly, had Capt. Archer displayed that kind of behavior, I would have thought Enterprise a big joke and wouldn't have bothered investing time in it.
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I think they are quite similar. They have a very very very strong sense for right and wrong for one thing. And are or at least start out extremely idealisitc.

I can't really answer your poll I think. I find it difficult to differentiate like that. It's for me, more like they started out as similar people, but then had a different life. I think Archer is more like early-pre leap sam. More competitive and maybe a touch full of himself. Not in a bad way but in a sense of confidence and doing something risky for himself and others by following hunches. I think Archer is pushed more over his limits, strange as it sounds because he becomes responsible for the lives of so many.. and of course there is miliary protocol as Julia mentioned.. although I personally could live with a hugging captain. Not the most efficient thing to do in a crisis but otherwise

Sam had GTFW looking out for him to some degree, it's easier for him to keep his innocence. For Archer it's much harder and he had some very rough growing up to do... sadly , I liked him being all green and ultra positive.

Such are my thoughts
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The one thing that both have in common is their faith to help others and make the world better. Captain Archer is more is more reserved than Sam in some ways but I admire both of them.
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I see more Sam in Jon. Captain Archer has the same basic decency, the same capacity for empathy that Sam has, but does not have the freedom to express it or, sometimes, to do anything about it. He's constrained by rules, military and otherwise, even if he thinks they're unfair. He has to think about the repercussions for his whole crew, not just what his heart says to do. He is driven by compassion ("My compassion guides my judgment" he says to Phlox at one point) sometimes to his own detriment (see, for example, Observer Effect). In that way, I think they are very similar, with Jon being the more mature, more constrained version of Sam. His reaction to Travis' grief was totally in character and perhaps more effective than a hug: he sits there quietly and then relates a story that proves that Travis' father was beyond proud of him - something that Travis did not know. Unsentimental but effective.

And, no, he can't go around hugging people, for all of the reasons Julia mentioned, BUT that doesn't mean he does not touch. Consistently throughout the whole series, there are little touches - he'll pat Travis on the back to encourage him, he'll touch someone's shoulder as he passes by - all natural and affectionate. There's different body language from Sam's, but it's there.
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I see more of Sam in Jon Archer. Anything else I can add has already been said.
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