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This page is a mix of updates from before and after the convention. Some items below are just as they appeared before the convention opened (for archival purposes), and some are updated to reflect new additions such as added videos or photos.

Friday | Saturday Sunday
This is the event schedule as it happened in Hollywood!


Friday, March 27th, 2009

09:00 am:

AUTOGRAPH ROOM Convention Registration.
DISPLAY ROOM Fan art plus authentic props from the personal collection of Deborah Pratt including Ziggy's "gummibear" handlink, a glowing star pin worn by Dean Stockwell, and other interesting items!

11:30 am:

BALLROOMMain Event Ballroom is open to attendees. Registration continues throughout the day at the back of the ballroom.

12:00 pm:

BALLROOM Opening Remarks, Rules, Introductions. General Registration continues.

12:30 pm:

BALLROOM Deborah Pratt on Quantum Leap, plus Q&A

01:30 pm: BALLROOM Guest Stars Panel #1: Holly Fields, Cynthia Bain, Lydia Cornell, T'Keyah C. Keymah, Jim Townsend, Ken Foree.
02:30 pm: BALLROOMShowing of all music videos in the Fan Music Video Competition
AUTOGRAPH ROOMPanel #1 Holly Fields, Cynthia Bain, Lydia Cornell, T'Keyah C. Keymah, Jim Townsend.
03:30 pm: BALLROOMHollywood Premiere of the Quantum Leap Fan-Film A Leap to Di For, with an introduction by Producer/Writer/Director Chris Allen, and followed by a Q&A with cast (including Beth Horn, American Gladiator) and Deborah Pratt.
04:45 pm: BALLROOM Guest Stars Panel #2: Rich Whiteside, Mike DeMeritt, Joe Napolitano, and Chris Ruppenthal
AUTOGRAPH ROOM A Leap to Die For cast autographs including Beth Horn
05:30 pm: BALLROOM closes for Evening Party reset.
OUTSIDE BALLROOM Panel #2 Rich Whiteside, Mike DeMeritt, Joe Napolitano, and Chris Ruppenthal sign autographs!
07:00 pm: AUTOGRAPH ROOM Learn the Quantum Leap Line Dance ahead of the Evening Party
07:30 pm: BALLROOMHotel Guests Gathering. This is a special gathering to thank attendees for staying at the hotel. Featuring Novel authors Mindy Peterman, Chris DeFilippis, and Julie Barret as special guests. All ticket levels staying at the hotel can enter with their room key and name badge!
08:00 pm: BALLROOMEvening Party: live music by Erika Amato, Fan Trivia Contest, and the Quantum Leap Line Dance.


Saturday, March 28th, 2009

08:30 am: BALLROOMEncore showing of the Quantum Leap Fan-Film A Leap to Di For.
09:00 am: DEALERS ROOM V.I.P. Admission to the Dealers Room for Diamond/Platinum Ticket Holders.
09:30 am: BALLROOM Magician Joshua Chaikin invites you to travel through time …
DEALERS ROOMDealers Room open to all Ticket Holders. Open all day until 06:00 pm.
10:00 am: BALLROOM Guest Stars Panel #3: Rob LaBelle, Lisa Jane Persky, Erika Amato, Natasha Pavlovich, Fabiana Udenio, Susan Isaacs, Michael Gregory
11:00 am: BALLROOMGuest Stars Panel #4: Michael Gregory, Jane Sibbett, David Newsom, Jarrett Lennon, Donna Magnani, Carolyn Seymour
AUTOGRAPH ROOMAutographs with Panel #3 & Panel #5 Rob LaBelle, Lisa Jane Persky, Erika Amato, Natasha Pavlovich, Fabiana Udenio, Susan Isaacs, K Callan.
DISPLAY ROOM Fan art plus authentic props from the personal collection of Deborah Pratt including Ziggy's "gummibear" handlink, a glowing star pin worn by Dean Stockwell, and other interesting items!
12:00 pm: BALLROOMNovels and Comics Panel: C. Winston Taylor, Julie Barrett, Mindy Peterman, Chris DeFilippis.
12:30 pm: AUTOGRAPH ROOMAutographs with Panel #4 Michael Gregory, Jane Sibbett, David Newsom, Jarrett Lennon, Donna Magnani, C. Winston Taylor, Julie Barrett, Mindy Peterman, Chris DeFilippis.
DEALERS ROOM Rob LaBelle, Carolyn Seymour, Erika Amato
01:00 pm: BALLROOM Guest Stars Panel #5: Claudia Christian, Vaughn Armstrong, Richard Herd, K Callan, and James Harper.
02:00 pm: BALLROOM Jay Schwartz (Scott Bakula's publicist) shares memories of Quantum Leap, and working with Scott Bakula.
AUTOGRAPH ROOM – Autographs: James Harper.
DEALERS ROOMClaudia Christian, Richard Herd, Vaughn Armstrong signing for a small fee.
03:00 pm: BALLROOM Mike DeMeritt unique program From Idea to Editor in 14 Days.
DEALERS ROOM Jay Schwartz with Quantum Leap
04:00 pm: BALLROOM Charity Auction, with all proceeds going to Starlight Children’s Foundation.
06:00 pm: BALLROOMAuction Item Pick-Up.
08:00 pm:

BALLROOMEvening Party: Costume Ball

08:00 pm – 08:45 pm: Enterprise Blues Band        

08:45 pm – 09:15 pm: Costume Masquerade/Contest and results!

09:15 pm – 10:00 pm: Enterprise Blues Band        

10:00 pm – 11:00 pm: Opportunity to purchase Enterprise Blues Bands CDs, and music. Raffle drawings for fabulous prizes!


Sunday, March 29th, 2009

08:30 am: BALLROOM Ballroom opens for seating.
DEALERS ROOM V.I.P. Admission to Dealers Room for Diamond/Platinum Ticket Holders.
09:00 am: BALLROOMShowing of Tribute to Dean Stockwell video. Followed by winning Fan Music Videos.
DEALERS ROOMDealers Room open to all Ticket Holders. Open until 04:00 pm. Richard Herd, Erika Amato.
09:30 am: AUTOGRAPH ROOM Pre-Appearance Autographs with #7 John D’Aquino, Brad Silverman, DeLane Matthews,   Marjorie Monaghan.
10:00 am: BALLROOM Guest Stars Panel #6: Deborah Pratt, Diamond Farnsworth, Ron Grow, Mike Beche, Harriet Margulies.
11:00 am: BALLROOMGuest Stars Panel #7: John D’Aquino, Brad Silverman, Susan Griffiths, DeLane Matthews,  Marjorie Monaghan, Harry Groener, Liz Torres.
AUTOGRAPH ROOM Autographs with #6 Diamond Farnsworth, Ron Grow,
Mike Beche, Harriet Margulies. Special brief appearance by Chas Floyd Johnson!
DEALERS ROOMRichard Herd, Erika Amato, Deborah Pratt
12:00 pm: BALLROOM Deborah Pratt reading from her proposed Quantum Leap Novel.
01:00 pm: BALLROOM Tribute to Dennis Wolfberg video
01:15 pm: BALLROOMScott Bakula and Velton Ray Bunch: Somewhere In The Night LIVE on stage!
01:30 pm: BALLROOM Bakula Vs. Schwartz: Trivia Challenge
02:30 pm: BALLROOM Scott Bakula and Donald P. Bellisario Q&A
03:30 pm: BALLROOMClosing Ceremony. Presentation of $30,000 check to Starlight Children's Foundation.

04:00 pm:

BALLROOMThe Great Jay Schwartz Garage Sale! The Holy Grail of Quantum Leap memorabilia auctioned by Marc B. Lee.
AUTOGRAPH ROOM Scott Bakula and Donald P. Bellisario Autographs
06:00 pm: BALLROOM Final showing of the Quantum Leap Fan-Film A Leap to Di For.

See a .pdf of the original convention schedule given to attendees here. There were several changes as the weekend went on for various reasons.


  • Special Events


Quantum Leap Trivia Challenge

The Winners:
First Place
Jay Schwartz
Second Place
Scott Bakula

We are thrilled to announce this addition to the convention programing: a Quantum Leap trivia challenge between Scott Bakula and his publicist (and super Quantum Leap fan) Jay Schwartz live and onstage in our Grand Ballroom!  Who'll be able to answer the most questions? Who'll be fastest on the buzzer? Whose knowledge of everything QL will win the day? 

Ask your question!

Whether you like to stump others with your awesome knowledge of everything "Quantum Leap" or prefer to let others try to stump you, start putting on your thinking caps!

The Leap Back 2009, The 20th Anniversary Quantum Leap Convention will be hosting
TWO trivia contests during its three days of festivities:

The first is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Quantum Leap Quiz LIVE AND IN-PERSON* between series star SCOTT BAKULA and his inimitable publicist, JAY D. SCHWARTZ.

So....we're asking YOU to send us the trivia questions you'd like to see asked at these exciting events. We can't guarantee that all questions will get used nor in which of the two contests they may appear (much less whether they'll be worded exactly the same way as submitted) but we are seeking questions at all levels of difficulty. There is no limit to how many you can send nor do they all have to be sent in at the same time.

Please email any/all Quantum Leap trivia questions to helene@leapback2009.com by February 1st and yes, BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE ANSWERS AND THE EPISODE from which it/they came. If at all possible, it would also be helpful to have a time code from either the DVD or VHS so our researchers can more easily verify them. Be sure to also let us know the exact name you would like listed in the convention brochure.

 (or at least those willing to give it a try). 

If you're coming to the Leap Back 2009 convention later this month and you live and breathe Quantum Leap or, at least, think you know a lot about the show after watching it for so many years…then we want you to enter our

Fan Trivia Contest!

That’s right: we’re putting together two teams of knowledgeable fans for our Friday evening contest.  Every chosen participant will receive a gift just for participating.. Simply fill out the form you’ll find in your convention bag, tear or cut off the bottom section and drop it in the jar marked FAN TRIVIA CONTESTANTS and then leap on over to our Friday night party in the ballroom. We’ll pick 8 willing victims.....er, folks at random and assign them to one of two teams to compete against each other and have some fun.  Show off your knowledge of the show!! Wiin bragging rights!! Let Ziggy know that you are as smart as she is!! No Swiss-cheesing allowed so...Start studying now!!
Event admission ticket purchase is required depending on your ticket level.

We look forwarding to hearing from you!

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Featuring the vocal talent of Erika Amato

Singer/actress Erika Amato (Lt. Anna Guri in the Quantum Leap episode "Lee Harvey Oswald") is slated to be the entertainment! She will provide beautiful vocals for the evening with fans. For a sample of Erika's wide range of vocals, click here.

Although Erika is probably best known as lead singer of the alternative band Velvet Chain, (who garnered a large cult following through their appearances on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show and soundtrack album), she is also an accomplished actress, working consistently on the theatrical stage in various venues across southern CA. Some of Erika's credits include: Sunset Boulevard at the Hollywood Bowl, Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes (Candlelight Pavilion - Inland Theatre League Award nominee), Dorothy Brock in 42nd Street at the Welk Resort Theatre, the Snow Queen in the original musical, The Snow Queen (Disney Workshop - music by Alan Menken), the Evil Queen/Hag in Snow White - An Enchanting Musical (Disneyland Resort), Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof (Starlight Musical Theatre), Maria in The Sound of Music (Saddleback CLO), and Luisa in Nine (Chance Theater - OCWeekly "Best Performance in a Musical" nominee, named one of the "Top 10 Best Performances of 2002" by the Orange County Register). Television and Film credits include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bringing Up Jack, VH-1's Sparkle Lounge, Quantum Leap, starring roles in the indie features A Couple of Days and Nights and Smack (among others), and as a featured singing voice in the Danger Rangers TV series on PBS and the upcoming Disney feature film, Enchanted, starring Susan Sarandon, Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, and Idina Menzel, slated for a Thanksgiving, 2007 release.

For more info, photos, sample clips, and more on Erika Amato, please visit her website at: erikaamato.com. If you'd like to find out more about Erika's work with Velvet Chain, please visit the band's official website: www.velvetchain.com

[ *Entrance fee required for some ticket holders. **Cash bar available. ]

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Featuring The Enterprise Blues Band

While we're sure you will want to wear your Quantum Leap-themed clothing/costumes all weekend, we especially invite you to join us in costume on Saturday evening for our Costume Ball! How about neon jewelry and a mini-skirt as "Tina" or a white lab coat and pants for "Gooshie," or even put on those boxing gloves and become "Kid Cody" from the 70's! Maybe you'll want to be the leaper and dress as Sam from the 50's or maybe you can show off your inner "Al." This will be the perfect time to show off your creativity and have a blast with other fans! Judging will take place during the party. First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded - come wearing your best interpretation of Quantum Leap and its vast array of characters and time periods.

Also on hand for your entertainment will be the world-famous Enterprise Blues Band! The EBB was formed by Vaughn Armstrong (of Quantum episode "It's a Wonderful Leap") when he discovered a need to entertain fans at the Star Trek conventions he attended. He contacted his actor and showbiz friends Kim Story, Richard Herd (of Quantum episodes "Future Boy" and "Mirror Image"), Micheal Goodrow, Ron B Moore, and William Jones and began to write songs. They have been wowing fans at Conventions and Charity Events all over the world ever since and have built a growing family of loyal fans. After the concert and during the weekend in our Dealer's room, be sure to pick up an Enterprise Blues Band CD, photos, and get autographs from all these great guys! Visit ebluesband.com for more on this entertaining celebrity band!

The Winners:
First Place:
Janice Starbuck and Merry Shainblatt (Seymour & Allison Grimski)
Second Place:
Julie Jekel (Beth Calavicci)
Third Place:
Janine Humphreys (Zoey the Evil Leaper)

[ *Entrance fee required for some ticket holders. **Cash bar available. ]

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Video Competition


The Winners:
Overall Winner: Gianna Lammering


Gianna Lammering

Pippa Parry


Sandra Stinn


Maureen Mraz


Gianna Lammering

Watch the winning videos on our Video page!


1. Up to four entries per person allowed.

2. The music video must be exclusively Quantum Leap ONLY - no crossovers, please.

3. Entries must be submitted in a digital video file (.wmv .avi or .mpeg) with a maximum file size of 100mb. Unfortunately, we can't accept any other file extensions. We're limiting the file size to 100mb for the initial judging as it will be done online, and the file needs to be small enough for quick sending. Also, most online file sending services restrict 'free' sending to 100mb, which played a factor in our limiting the file size.

4. Judging in five categories are as follows: Humor, Romance, Action / Adventure, Buddies (videos focusing on the friendship between Sam and Al - no slash, please) and Tribute / Memories (videos that showcase what Quantum Leap means to the fans.)

5. Entries will be judged using the following criteria: Music choice, Editing, Video and audio quality, Originality and creativity. The only criteria the 100mb file limit will affect is possibly the 'video and audio quality', but as the final entrants will be asked to supply a DVD copy, that's not an issue.

6. Initial judging will be carried out by a panel of committee members, who will select the best two entries in each category. The final eight entries will be shown at the convention, and attendees will be asked to vote for their favorite video in each category.

7. The winners in each category will be announced and presented with a certificate and a small prize at the convention. The video that receives the highest number of votes will be declared the overall winner, and the entrant will be presented with an additional prize.

8. Videos will not be sold, however the winners will be shown on the Leapback website. All intellectual property rights will remain with the individual who created each video. However, entrants understand that they hold NO distribution or copyright entitlements, (those are retained by Universal only), and will sign a waiver to this effect. If your video isn't shortlisted for the finals, then you will be free to show it elsewhere as soon as you receive notice. If your video makes it through to the finals, we ask that you do not show it before the convention, as that rather negates the impact of the video when it is shown over the weekend and will then disqualitfy you from the contest. Of course, once the convention is over, you are more than welcome to archive the video wherever you wish.

9. All entries must be in no later then January 31st 2009.


Send entries electronically via yousendit.com or equivelent upload/download service.  Please copy/paste the completed information in green below into an email to Emma Fee: emma@leapback2009.com

Entrant’s Name:

Entrant’s Seat Number: (Example: A 23)


Telephone number:

Email address:

Please select a category:   Humor  |  Romance  |   Action/Adventure  |   Buddies

I accept the competition rules and submit my work with a full understanding of the rules.

Signed: (Print Name Here)                  Date:

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The Winners:
First Place:
The Thin Leap by Keely Flynn
Second Place:
No Greater Leap by Rick Chambers
Third Place:
Descent Into Panic by Helen Earl

Read and print the winning stories shown above here.
Also enjoy he runner up stories on our fan fiction pages below!

Runners up (under construction):
Stardust by Grey
Just Like Starting Over by Jacob LaCivita
Bourbon on the Rocks by Helen Earl
Tea with Tina by Karen Fisher
The Logical Leap by Sherri Washam
The Price by Grey
The Leap of Fame by Maret Johnson

We’re happy to announce the opening of the LEAP BACK 2009 Fanfic Contest. As part of the festivities honoring the 20th anniversary of QL, we plan to produce a brand-new zine that will be available at the con and we need stories to fill it.

The winning story will be individually printed and bound in to five limited edition volumes. One of these will be presented to the winner, and the remaining four will be given to Dean Stockwell, Deborah Pratt, Don Bellisario and Scott Bakula.
The story will also be printed in a convention fanzine, along with the other short-listed entries. The author of that story will also receive a framed certificate commemorating their selection as Grand Prize Winner and recognition during the onstage programming. We will also select a Second Prize and Third Prize winner.

Sound interesting? There are only a few rules: We will accept a story of any length. It must be brand-new and written specifically for this competition - stories that have been previously published online or in a printed zine are not eligible. Entries will be judged on the basis of originality, creativity, technical proficiency (that means spelling and punctuation) and whether you’ve captured the “heart” of Quantum Leap. Since the winning story will be included in a publication that’s being given to our guests and all of the convention attendees, we ask that your submissions follow the parameters set down in the series itself: no graphic violence, no graphic sex, a minimum of salty language, and relationships between the characters only as they existed on the show.

Initial judging will be by the Leap Back 2009 committee members, who will select the semi-finalists. Final judging will be done by a panel of volunteers.

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Don't enjoy writing Quantum Leap fan fiction stories? Not the best painter? There are many ways to participate at this convention and this one involves a different creative side. We know there are a lot of you out there who love to design and build, so here's your chance to display your creativity for hundreds of fans of Quantum Leap and more than 50 of it's stars! This competition is open to all attendees attending the evening parties. Please bring an original centerpiece that can be placed on tables throughout the ballroom with a Quantum Leap theme! You can create a centerpiece based on technical aspects of Quantum or try your hand at an episode-related theme. Your participation will make the parties more fun and the winner will receive on-stage recognition and a surprise prize. Centerpieces must be displayed for entire weekend.

Make sure to send us a note if you are participating to provide us an estimate of how many fans want to be involved!

The Winner:

String Theory by Lindsey Barriga

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The theme of the competition is Quantum Leap and can include any aspect of the show (no slash themes, please).

2. You may submit up to 4 pieces of Art. (in whatever combination you wish, each on a separate entry form).

3. The work must have been produced during 2008 / 2009.

4. Artwork can vary in size but can be no larger then 23.5 x 16.5 inches (600mm x 420mm)

5. You must sign and date your work and label with your attendee number on the reverse.


6. Provide a digital image of the artwork (scan or photo in jpeg. pdf or tiff format) and submit via email with this form.

7. The categories are:

- Illustration - Pen & Ink or Pencil
- Painting - Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor
- Photomontage/Collage
- Digital artwork - An illustration or painting created or enhanced using computer technology

8. We can not accept liability for any loss or damage to any artwork submitted.

9. Work is to be brought by hand to the Leap Back 2009 Registration desk at the Beverly Garland Hotel on Friday 27th March.

10. All entrants grant permission for their work to be reproduced in convention publications or video.

11. A prize will be awarded for First, Second and Third place.

12. All Art will be judged during The Leap Back 2009 Convention.

13. The judge’s decision on all matters relating to the competition will be final.

14. Art work not being auctioned can be collected after the award ceremony on Sunday.


Please copy/paste the completed information in green below into an email,  attach a digital copy of the artwork being submitted, and email to Emma Fee: emma@leapback2009.com

Entrant’s Name:

Entrant’s Seat Number:
(Example: A 23)


Telephone number:

Email address:

Please select a category: Illustration  |  Painting  |  Photomontage/Collage   |  Digital artwork

Title and dimensions of the piece:

I would like / not like (delete as appropriate), my artwork to be auctioned for charity.

I accept the competition rules and submit my work with a full understanding of the rules.

Signed: (Print Name Here)                  Date:

The closing date for entries will be
Friday, February 6th, 2009.

Artwork shown on this page can be seen with credits here.


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Fan Film Production


QL-banner1.jpg (14672 bytes)

Watch the complete film now online... FREE!
Click here to watch film.  |  Also see high-resolution versions of teaser poster or final poster.
Play the teaser trailer! |    Play the extended trailer!

Watch the cast and crew guest panel on our Video page!

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – *Award Winning Filmmaker Christopher Allen has announced the title of his company’s next film production, a fan based effort to re-launch the popular “Quantum Leap” television series that ran on NBC from 1989 to 1993.



Indianapolis based RACSO Motion Pictures is targeting 2008 as to when principal photography will begin.  “Whenever people hear of a fan based effort, or fanfilm, they immediately think of a high school kid with mom and dad’s hand held video camera.  This is clearly not the case.” said Allen from his studio in Carmel, Indiana.  “My last fan effort (award winning Star Trek vs. Batman) opened more doors for my career than everything else prior to it.  No one should underestimate the capability of what fan based films can do, if done professionally.”

Allen will enlist a wide array of Indianapolis talent to help continue the story of Dr. Sam Beckett, who ironically is from a fictitious town in Indiana.  Once completed, Allen hopes to use Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di for to persuade the science fiction broadcasting networks to re-launch the popular franchise.  “I hope that the story is what will ensure the film’s acceptance by the fans.  It centers on Dr. Beckett’s journey to 1997, where he is presented with the likelihood of saving the life of Princess Diana.” Allen said.  “That one possibility is something I believe everyone can identify with.” Allen went on to add. 

Click to the right to see the first teaser trailer.


Originally from Madison, Indiana, Allen has been producing independent films since 1993.  Previous titles include The Living Years, In My Life, A Certain Justice, Star Trek Vs. Batman (*First place winner of the RadCon Film Festival in Seattle, WA), and most recently, the feature film A Time for the Heart.   Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di for will be a non-profit venture since the rights and ownership are not his.  “I just want to re-launch the (Quantum Leap) series in some way or another.  I don’t care about not making any money on this.   It’s not about money... its about quality stories and characters people still care about to this very day.  Above all else, it is ultimately for the fans.” Allen said.

For more information on RACSO Films and filmaker Christopher Allen, please visit his website at http://www.racsofilms.com and the official site for this Quantum Leap Fan Film at http://www.racsofilms.com/QL.htm

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The convention will feature a panel including authors of the official Quantum Leap Novels and folks who worked on the comic Book Series! We have confirmed C. Winston Taylor (cover artist for the comic book series), Mindy Peterman (Song and Dance), Julie Barrett (The A to Z of Quantum Leap), and Christopher DeFilippis (Foreknowledge).  Please visit this page often for updates and additions.

If you wrote one of the Quantum Leap novels or comics, please contact us to appear with this panel!

     Mindy Peterman - Song and Dance 

     Julie Barrett - The A to Z of Quantum Leap

     Christopher DeFilippis - Foreknowledge 

     C. Winston Taylor - Comics Cover Artist

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Josh is a member of the younger generation of magic who has been delighting audiences throughout the Midwest with his unique brand of magic. Josh is able to quickly read an audience and gauge what would be best suited for a crowd; equally adept performing for physicists and musicians, Josh has been able to elicit laughs from Bose engineers and rock bands.

Josh will be performing close-up acts daily at The Leap Back 2009 Quantum Leap convention. The Great Spontini has nothing on this very entertaining magician! Josh has his training in the theatre, showing his versatility in roles from Shakespeare to Sondheim. In the past five years, Josh has taken what he learned as an actor, and brought the grandeur of theatre to the intimate environment of close-up magic. This past summer, Josh's efforts were rewarded by his peers by placing 3rd in the Close Up Magic competition at the Midwest Magic Jubilee in St. Louis, with his original Chinese Restaurant act. For more information, photos, and other performances dates, please visit joshuacmagic.com.

Watch his complete performance from the convention here!

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Join the "Dancing Librarian" Jodi Wittman as she teaches fans how to do the Quantum Leap line dance set to the music "Somwehere in the Night." Admission to this activity is free and fun!

Click here to watch a short clip of Jodi's Quantum Leap Line Dance!

If you enjoy dancing and/or the music of Scott Bakula (who doesn't?) then come on down and spend an hour learning the Quantum Leap line dance! We might be doing the dance later at the evening parties...

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We are very excited to announce the signing of a special Master of Ceremonies for The Leap Back 2009: Mr. Marc B. Lee!

Marc B. Lee is known internationally as an amateur Auctioneer and Master of Ceremonies for a number of events. He has been a science fiction fan for over 30 years and his specialized brand of humor and energy has ignited the excitement of every convention-hosting job from here to Europe.

Marc’s association with many Trek actors and behind the scenes artists has kept his wit and knowledge on edge and he takes his responsibilities as a party-rouser and pitch man very seriously, realizing how much the average con-goer pays to be entertained.

Residing outside of Orlando, Florida, Marc was born and educated in Baltimore, Maryland where he learned a lot about Star Trek from seasoned con organizers of the FARPOINT convention group in that town. Upon moving to Florida 18 years ago, Marc established an architectural design firm specializing in exquisite homes and commercial structures ranging in sizes of 4000 to 300,000 square feet. He’s become very active in charitable events in Florida and has been working with the youth of his community for the last two years.

Marc’s hosted the largest sci-fi media convention in Europe for the past 11 years and the largest Lord of the Rings gathering in the world for the last six. Both held annually in Germany, he’s discovered that fandom burns just as bright abroad as it does on our own shores and has experienced infinite diversities in infinite combinations.

Serving his 6th year as auctioneer for DRAGON CON in Atlanta and as Show Host for LIGHTSPEED FINE ARTS’ ANNUAL CELEBRITY CHARITY BENEFIT in California, Marc’s most recent gig was as a speaker on behalf of fans of James “Scotty” Doohan’s, during his memorial launch into space from Spaceport America in the New Mexico desert with an offer to fly out to the Marshall Islands for another memorial launch. In 2004, he hosted the last convention appearance of Jimmy Doohan in Hollywood, California and attended his Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. For STAR TREK’s 40th anniversary, Marc hosted a huge event at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, Washington attended by celebrity members of both science fiction and science fact. He's scheduled to host or auctioneer a benefit celebrity golf tournament and banquet in California in May 2008, DragonCon in Atlanta in September 2008, Ring*Con in Germany in October 2008 and a Celebrity Charity Event in California in December 2008, but feels the QUANTUM LEAP event in 2009 will top off his scheduled hosting duties.

Marc will also be serving as our auctioneer and will moderate our guest panels. If you'd like to know more about him, check out his website at

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Our Master of Ceremonies, Marc B. Lee, is arranging a bowling event / tour on Thursday, March 26th to kick off the weekend for any fans that arrive early! While not an official part of the convention weekend, this promises to be a day of fun and fellowship with many fellow convention attendees as you tour Hollywood and Los Angeles and go bowling near the famous Kodak Theater at Lucky Strikes Lanes where many notable celebrities have been known to frequent!

Have a look at Marc's web page and ask to join them if you're planning on arriving early!


(All proposed and scheduled events are subject to change. Guests are subject to availability.)

*Diamond, Platinum, and Gold ticket holders are admitted free to the Friday evening party. Diamond and Platinum ticket holders are admitted free to the Saturday evening party. 

**During the party we will have a cash bar available for your enjoyment. Photo ID required to purchase alcoholic beverages. You must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol in the United States. Drink responsibly. The Leap Back 2009 Committee reserves the right to refuse entrance or politely show the way out to unruly guests. Children may be present at either party.


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The Leap Back 2009, Inc. 2006-2009 has been closed as of December 31st, 2009. This website remains as an archive of the convention and as an informational venue maintained by Al's Place Quantum Leap Fansite.