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Due to potential copyright issues, we could not include scenes from Quantum Leap on the upcoming comvention DVD release. Therefore, many videos shown at the convention that could not be included on the DVD set are being presented here instead. All videos shown here are presented in a compressed file size to allow for faster downloading. They may appear slightly fuzzy with lower sound quality. The videos shown at the convention were presented on a rented audio/visual system with higher resolution and higher sound quality.

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Daily Kickoff Videos

At the start of each convention day, a short video was shown to kick off the event. Here are all three of those videos plus the States & Countries welcome powerpoint shown on Day One!


Video from the Convention

See our full cut of the official DVD's and a few deleted scenes on our DVD page. Over 13 hours of convention footage! Watch now.

Have your own video footage taken at the convention that you'd like to share with fans? You can participate in a fan DVD supplement project by emailing morganfeldon (at) gmail.com or just email leaper1976@hotmail.com and I'll forward your comments. Please support the Starlight Children's Foundation. Starlight is one of the most worthwhile charities on the planet - please donate!

Guest Introduction Videos

During the convention as guest stars made their way onto the stage, short video clips were shown to remind fans of the part each actor played in the television series. For time reasons, some clips were not shown or shown without sound. Presented here for the first time are each of the guest introduction videos in their entirety!

Watch them all on our YouTube Playlist!


Video Contest Winners

Here are the winning videos in The Leap Back 2009 Video Contest!
Overall Winner: Gianna Lammering!


Gianna Lammering

Pippa Parry


Sandra Stinn

Maureen Mraz

Gianna Lammering


Promo Videos

CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN of QL episode Play It Again, Seymour in an EXCLUSIVE greeting for QUANTUM LEAP fans! Former committee member and QL novel author Carol Davis met with Claudia Christian on July 14, 2007 at the Shore Leave 2007 Sci-fi Convention and got a short video of Claudia with a message for fans - nearly 2 years before the convention! Click to play.


The U.S. television show Access Hollywood did a short interview with Scott Bakula where a mention of the convention and a photo from our stage was included! Have a look at the video below!


Brad Ordner has put together a great set of video clips from the time of the convention for your enjoyment! If you missed out on the bowling trip or the tour of L.A. with Marc B. Lee, you need to see this!

Podcast Interview with Deborah Pratt
just before The Leap Back 2009 Convention on "Wait, I Know This!"


Tribute Videos

Two tribute videos were shown to celebrate absent Dean Stockwell (Al Calavicci) and deceased Dennis Wolfberg (Gooshie). Stockwell's video was over 30 minutes in length, so it was not possible to include the full version, however the segment with the remastered "M.I.A." dance scene is presented here with the original music! The Wolfberg video is presented in its entirety.

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