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  • Yo, are you still out there?
    I'm up for doing stuff again. With much reduced recources, but that's not gonna stop me. Could always use enthusiastic people on the team. Lemme know. :)
    I have been hearing your segment and that is exactly what I wish to contribute..... A segment in the form of an mp3...... Is this something I would be allowed to do? I do have several other questions but wish to find out the answer to this query first :)
    Hi Angvee,

    I am a co-producer of the podcast and I have my own segment. The real "makers" of the podcast are Albie and Heather, the husband and wife team who created, host and edit the show.

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

    You are welcome to contribute in many ways, either by email at , on our Facebook page , on Twitter @quantumleappod , or with a voicemail to 707-847-6682.

    What sort of contribution were you thinking?
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