Used to be a bit of a techie, still a bit of an artist and big time daydreamer. Full time goofball.

aikido, natural healing, directing, acting, writing, learning new things, looking after my family.

Actually got myself degrees in acting, tv production and directing. Working on shoestring projects. 🙂
December 1
Terrestrial Life Form
Favorite Episodes
The Leap Home I & II
Favorite Quantum Leap Actors/Actresses
Scott&Dean although everyone down to the smallest extra was awesome.
Favorite Characters
Sam&Al, all the Becketts, Nicole, Frank LaMotta, Tibby, Marina Oswald,...
Favorite Non-QL Shows
Scrubs, all ST except TOS, Kung Fu, Battlestar Galactica (original), Street Hawk, Highway to Heaven, MacGuyver, Knight Rider, [insert more 80ies shows here]


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