1204 Killin' More Time

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Killin' More Time
October 16, 1959

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The "Rogue Leaper" returns just as Sam finds himself leaping into Leon Stiles for the second time. When Connors gets momentarily distracted, a tragic accident occurs that puts both leapers in peril along with a few remaining survivors. Now, Sam and Connors must stay alive long enough to ensure that they and the others get rescued so that history doesn?t change for the worse.

Written by: Mike Bloxam & Damon C. Sugameli

TVS Team
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Please be aware that some reviews may contain spoilers! Some of the comments given were:

Seeker said:
This was a very good story and sequel to the original episode. The writing is tight and the story flows well. I, too, noted the nod to ?The Fugitive? with the bus scene. Well done, Damon and Mike. Well done, indeed.



Mystery Rater said:
Killin? More Time does a first-rate job of tying together the threads of the original series and the virtual seasons with the reappearance of Leon Stiles. The original character of Maxwell Connors makes a reappearance as well, and I believe this has been Connors? best appearance to date. The story is well thought-out and tightly written and plotted, and even the most minor of characters don?t appear to have been given short shrift. Small droplets of questions remain unanswered, which begs the question of a future tie-up of loose ends as they don?t detract from the story one whit.



Sporty said:
I thoroughly enjoyed this story; KILLIN' TIME is one of my favorite QL episodes, and it was great to see a sequel to it. The first part at the leapees' party was great, and having Connors come back was great as well. I hope we have not seen the end of him. A satisfying story all around, plenty of thrills and some heartwarming moments as well. Great job!



Allie Cat said:
It was great to see Sam leap into yet another previous leapee, this time one whom he DIDN'T like. The story was very well-written and had a lot of twists and turns with Connors, making you wonder what he was really up to. I think that it is this story more than any of the others before that featured Connors that made me understand the character. I like how he explained his actions from the previous story to Sam. And without Morpheus to guide him, this story really shows that Connors isn't a bad guy; he's just misguided.

I really enjoyed the reminiscent scenes of the episode "Killin' Time" in this story. "Killin' Time" has always been one of my top five favorite episodes of QL (Hey, I get to see Al kick butt!) so it was great to get a retrospective look. Al's thoughts, in the story, of how he could have been killed by Stiles that past leap bring lots of thoughts of my own into that equation (I'm a "what if" person :) ).

Also, of course, the nod to "The Fugitive" (the movie). I kept expecting Tommy Lee Jones to show up in that scene! hehe!

Anyway, great story. Great writing. Waiting with anticipation for the next story!



Vince Beckett said:
I love this story. It's a good sequel to Killin' Time. Leon Stiles hasn't changed, but Maxwell Conners has. That's a good twist throwing Conners into a Killin' Time sequel.



Xanadu said:
Killin' More Time is one of those stories that takes an original character from the series and expands upon his character. Leon Stiles is just as horrid as he was when he first came to Project Quantum Leap the first time and here he is again.... just as mean and ruthless.

Connors -- now, he's an interesting cat. You don't really know what he's going to do and in this story, it's plain to see that he's slowly in mid swing. Something is missing here with him... I'm not sure if it's something to do with his intelligence or his heart. Slowly, though, it seems that he's turning to help Sam. Is he or isn't he? Just exactly what is his deal? Talk about turning cheeks. WOW.

Poor Sam. He can't seem to get a break. He needs a break from the back-breaking work... and from the summaries, it doesn't look like he's going to get one anytime soon. I can't believe what the authors are doing to the readers.



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The Virtual Seasons Team
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Haven't gotten too far into it yet, but I had to make a comment about Judge Harold (Harry) SHearer from the Simpsons...Nice easter egg...Also some touches of Fugitive perhaps with the prison bus?
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That was a marvelous episode, well-plotted with every character possessing a unique and definite personality no matter how minor. This Southerner did take a slight bit of umbrage at the description of the judge's Southern accent "afflicting" his words. (Hmmph!) I only mention that nit b/c as a self-respecting Southerner, I must. ;) Overall, from start to finish this was a great episode! Kudos, Mike and Damon. Y'all make a good team.
Thanks, all, for your kind comments (and ratings!). I'm glad that Damon and I were able to please you with this episode. It's not the last you'll see from the two of us this season, that's for sure. :b

Greg, Damon made up the judge's name... I never investigated into why it sounded so familiar. He'll have to let us know if that was his intent or if it was subconcious!

Jennie, no offence was intended with that choice of wording... don't take "afflicting" too literally. <G>

... Mike. ^_^
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Well done guys!

Both these authors names create high expectations, and they didn't disappoint.

I have to say that I liked that Dom saved the day at the project, albeit unwittingly. Well, I do have a soft spot for him. ;)

I must say guys, you are so unlike me. You gave Sam a headache when he woke up, after which he was fine where all the other survivors were suffering. Had I written it, Sam would have had to contend with more symptoms - double vision or some such as well as the problems of the situation. (Oh well, can't have everything I guess! teehee :nut )
leaper1 said:
I must say guys, you are so unlike me. You gave Sam a headache when he woke up, after which he was fine where all the other survivors were suffering. Had I written it, Sam would have had to contend with more symptoms - double vision or some such as well as the problems of the situation. (Oh well, can't have everything I guess! teehee :nut )


Helen, if you and I ever team up on a story, Sam and Al better both watch their backs and sleep with one eye open.

That was a very well done sequel to Killin' Time. It would appear indeed that this storyline will show up again down the road. I can't remember if it was intentional foreshadowing or not on my part, but in my story Quantum Departure from last season, PQL was getting a security system overhaul with trackers for the PQL staff and handprint IDs on the doors. Al made a reference to Sam that this was done so no one would leave the Waiting Room and go into town again (Meaning Stiles). Now in Season 12, Stiles returns and tries to break out again. I love foreshadowing...hehehe
Also looking forward to seeing Tom Beckett serve as General Hawkins replacement. Will he be just as annoying, will he say no to the gov't, what will he do to help his brother? Above all, will he and AL get along?
Excellent sequel!

Well done indeed Mike & Damon. And yes I got the Fugitive reference. While I was reading, I was hoping that the bus didn't happen to roll onto a set of train tracks. After all, Beckett and Connors had an equal threat to deal with; the near future explosion of the bus with the fire starting from the front and working its way to the gas tank. Oh boy is right! I also noted the possible nod to "Harold Shearer". Though it could also be a reference to Judge Harold T. Stone(Harry Anderson from Night Court).

Anyway, back to the story review. Connors' role in this was very good and intriguing. I loved how I could sense that his mission was starting to drastically change in this episode. And Connors saving Beckett(yes I'm on a last name basis w/ them just for good measure bwahaha!) was a very nice change of personality. The Morpheus(voiced by Leonard Nimoy in my head) connection was either permanently severed or temporarily out of service due to Connors' injury which means he has to work alone at least for the time(no pun intended) being. I made a mental connection with the woman "reporter" who, if I remember correctly has blonde hair. She could very well be the one responsible for this strange anomely. She might be that one certain actress that Damon picked to have a key role this season. ;) I'm just pointing out a possibility. I have absolutely no certainty. If I did, I'd consider it classified information.

Oh, and I loved the "history repeats itself" part where head programmer, Dom Lofton, fills in as temporary observer just like Gooshie did in "Killin' Time". Full circle! :)

Overall grade: Neutral A

Great job Mike & Damon!


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Based on the TV Series
Created by
Donald P. Bellisario​
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