1209 Holding On...Letting Go, Part III

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Holding On...Letting Go, Part III
September 12, 1997

Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida

As college student Howie Lockwood on vacation with friends to Walt Disney World to attend the Nights of Joy, Sam must overcome interferences both internal and external as lack of information complicates his mission while memories of his own failures nip at his mind as he strives to prevent a fellow student from vanishing. Sam and Al also find healing from a series of 'successful failed Leaps' in an unexpected way. (Part III)

Written by: C. E. Krawiec & Jennifer L. Rowland

TVS Team
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Please be aware that some reviews may contain spoilers! Some of the comments given were:

Xanadu said:
I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories so far. I like how the writers have put together this piece and have interwoven the "voices" that are speaking to Sam. I can't wait until the next episode to finally give the rating for the whole story. This is great ladies! Thank you, thank you... more please.



Morris J. Finkle said:
I have to say, this chapter in particular really brought back some memories of my youth; meeting all of the characters, going on the rides, even the monorail English-Spanish announcement.

I'm glad that we're finally starting to find out exactly what's going on with Russ, although it took quite a while to get there. I do understand what the authors are trying to convey about "letting go" and holding onto your faith; I just personally wonder if this story could have been told in half the amount of time, that's all. Don't get me wrong, though... this is still one of the most well-written stories I've read in a while. Looking forward to reading the conclusion.



Sporty said:
This was alright, not as action-packed as the previous chapters. But good nonetheless. I am glad to see what is transpiring. Can hardly wait for the ending. Good job!



Allie Cat said:
Another very good part of this story. We finally get to the root of the matter of what happens to Russ (I can already see the why, though it isn't said in actual words). And I enjoy reading more about Disney World. But, to be honest, this isn't my favorite part of the story so far - it's a little slow going. However, I do like how frustrated Sam is at the moment. :)

Oh, by the way, I did a little research on Part II and found that Al's Bible would have the Song of Songs by Solomon listed as Solomon's Canticle of Canticles and would not be a separate book - Al would have an older Catholic Bible. :) Just FYI.

Anyhow, great part and can't wait for the conclusion.



Vince Beckett said:
This is an interesting development in the story. We're finding out what happens to Russ and what causes him to do it. Will Sam be able to help him? And what's the voice he's hearing? I can't wait to find out in the conclusion next week.



Gooshie said:
Well, Sam is finally breaking through to Russ and getting some information about his life. I was expecting another scene of Al with Howie, even if it was brief, but having the whole episode take place in Sam's location was actually a nice change.

We readers are still left wondering why Russ would choose to end his life. You are leaving us anxious to read the next part, that's for sure! I hope we also get to find out what voice Sam is hearing, unless it is meant to be a mystery.



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The Virtual Seasons Team
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Eleiece and I are so glad everyone is enjoying the story, but we would like to clarify---Sam is actually hearing two distinct voices---one malevolent and one benevolent. The "bad" voice is in bold italics with three asterisks as "punctuation" while the "good" voice is in italics with two asterisks as "punctuation."

We hope you all enjoy the conclusion of the story! :)
Enjoying the story, though I would agree that the pacing has lagged just a little. Sometimes that can be a good thing, when you're on a roller coaster, you need the gentle bit to catch your breath! (At least so I am told, you wouldn't get me on one to save my life!!!)

I loved the Song of Solomon reference, and isn't it strange how often it happens, I've come across it three times elsewhere since I read it here, including in the film "Keeping Mum" which I saw recently. Rowan Atkinson as a vicar, Maggie Smith as his housekeeper with a dark secret - a very funny film!

But I digress.

Kudos, ladies, eager for the conclusion.
You gals sure are keeping a consistent story here... I'm glad that I am managing to find some free time between studying for exams. :b It sure is an enjoyable break to be able to read the third episode in this saga.

Ah, so there are positive and negative voices in Sam's head... how many people does he have in there? ;) I just hope it's not a certain evil hybrid computer again...

Anyway, great job so far! Another rating of 4 from me. :)

... Mike. ^_^
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