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September 23, 1966

San Benito, Texas

Sam leaps into a spider's web of deceit that only gets tighter and tighter at every turn, and it seems that this time even his best friend doubts him.

Written by: M. J. Cogburn & C. E. Krawiec

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Marigold Brambleburr said:
I have to confess the title makes me think of the X-Men movies and the upcoming third movie; however, this episode would be worthy of being directed by Bryan Singer. The plot is deftly woven together so that the reader is nearly as confused as Sam and Al (and maybe even more so at times.) My attention was rapt on trying to figure out the mystery?and all the while wondering how Sam was gonna get out of this one! Masterfully done, and while not all the loose ends are wrapped up and more than one mystery remains at the end, MJ and Eleiece certainly took this rater on a ride! I?d take it again in a heartbeat. It was definitely an E-ticket!



Morris J. Finkle said:
Wow! This story could easily have stood on its own as a non-QL story with some minor tweaking. The authors seemed to be very knowledgable about courtroom etiquette and proceedings, but then, I would expect nothing less from two such prolific authors such as MJ and Eleiece. I could "see" the trial clearly in my head; the characters were real, the entire scenario was like an episode of Law & Order. I actually really liked the fact that this leap didn't center so much around Sam and Al, but rather the mystery and intrigue surrounding Abernathy and the St. Ives nursery rhyme. Very well plotted out. MJ and Eleiece continue to impress me! :D

Although now it seems like we've got a new mystery on our hands: who is Lulu Logan and why did she kill an innocent man for no apparent reason? I seem to recall the name "Logan" being casually mentioned toward the end of last season. It could just be a coincidence, but one never knows with the way some of these VS writers think. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I give it a 9.5. Looking forward to see what else is coming up this season.



Sporty said:
Very good you two. Very suspenseful. But I always expect that from you. Al having his doubts about Sam, and what transpires very well done. I am glad the real killer was found out. A first rate story all around!



Allie Cat said:
I thought the story was very well done. I liked Al's frustration at having seen one thing while his heart was telling him another thing. I also really liked the description of what Abernathy saw happen in the classroom.

Still there are questions: Who was that Evil Leaper that murdered the teacher? And who was the leaper who killed the preacher? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. :D

Great job as always, ladies.



Ziggy's Soul said:
This was truly a gread read. I like the idea that the Project knows Sam well enough to see that given the choice between taking things at face value and looking deeper to find some explanation for his actions they choose the latter. It was a nice touch that we saw that Lucas was insance (if we didn't understand that already from knowing why he was put into the mental hospital to begin with) because he could see Sam and Al. I'm saddened that Lothos has again caused several people that should have lived to die and I would hope that someone, Sam will be able to make an adjustment someday to right these wrongs that Lothos keeps tossing into the timeline.



Gooshie said:
This episode was a long one but worth the read! There was a definite amount of suspense and doubt surrounding the outcome of the episode and I liked that aspect of the story. I'm curious about the 'coincidence' of the other leaper coming in just before Sam... how was it that Al saw Sam stabbing Marla if it was actually the evil leaper? Maybe we'll find out in another episode soon.

The murder of the pastor was a surprise as well, and it's too bad that this Lulu Logan got away. Maybe Sam will leap in again someday to save some of these unfortunate murders from happening. In the end, I think you two did a great job with the episode.



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Wow....this one ratcheted up the tension in a BIG WAY! I loved how Al "witnessed" it all and Sam had to defend himself against eye-witnesses! Great job!!
Excellent job MJ, and Eleiece. I thouroughly enjoyed it. I too loved the mystery of it all and the pages just flew right by.
I have to admit though, I was kind of hoping that Sam would leap back to the begining and save the teacher, but maybe in a future story
I enjoyed the tension of this story, and really felt for both Sam and Al. As always, these two ladies are spot on with the characterisation.

I have a feeling that this scenario, and the evil leapers who intervened to such a detrimental effect, will be revisited at some stage. I hope so, for I'm afraid I found myself a little disappointed and even dissatisfied at the end that so much was left unresolved. After such a long and dramatic build up, it felt as if this were a big budget, 3hour movie that suddenly ran out of both time and funding at the last and was stopped, rather than finished, if that makes sense.

It is probably just that they have held something back in reserve for the next roller coaster ride, and all that was truly missing were the three little words
'to be continued...'
Woh! Is the first thing that rings to mind about some thing to say on this one. What a story and so intense! Though there's one thing I have to ask that might seem dumb, but please remember I'm a newbie here. True this is a virtual series being fan written. But it's all cannon like right? I mean QLVS fits in to the other series as well right ( at least in Al's Place )? I've never read QR so that's why I don't know this.