1220 Someone to Watch Over Me

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Someone to Watch Over Me
May 8, 2006 ? December 21, 2006

Washington, D.C. / San Diego, California

In a series of leaps, Sam finds that saving the life of his host, a highly influential up-and-coming Senator, isn't as easy as it seems, especially after he makes a terrible mistake that will alter Al's life immeasurably.

Written by: Katherine Freymuth

TVS Team
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Seeker said:
?Someone To Watch Over Me? has a lot of stuff going on in it: history, mystery, bitterness, anger, angst, heartbreak, romance and loss. Any one of those aspects could easily have been the theme of this story, yet this story has one more aspect, the strongest of all them. What is that strongest of all binding forces that draws all the others together and makes them stronger than the original? What else could it be, but love, and not just love but selfless love. A love that willingly sacrifices itself for the sake of another and, when woven liberally in and throughout all the other aspects binds them all together into the seamless, flawless creation that is this exquisitely written love story.

I wholeheartedly agree with Morris that had this story been a filmed episode of Quantum Leap, Dean Stockwell would have won an Emmy, hands down and walking away.

Katherine, you have outdone yourself! Author! Author!



Morris J. Finkle said:
I'm speechless ? absolutely, positively speechless! This truly was a milestone episode in every sense of the word. Finally, Julianna returns to the Quantum Leap fold after a much too-long absence. I'll admit it... I cried when Al confessed to Sam what he had done. The pain and anguish Al was going through felt so real; the emotions (from both Sam and Al) just jump off the page (or computer screen, whichever way you prefer to read it) and tears at your heart. If Dean could have acted this out, he'd have won an Emmy, no question. I can clearly imagine him pulling off an even better performance in this episode than the spectacular performance he made in "M.I.A." Yes, this story is that good!

Does it even need to be said? A perfect 10! Bravo, Katherine! Bravo! :)



Sporty said:
Glad to see Katherine back in the fold. Her stories are always so great. Al getting upset at Sam, it shows there is not always sweetness and light. A very intense story, but I always expect that from Katherine. Great job! I hope to see more episodes from you down the road.



Xanadu said:
From the moment that I read this story, I wanted to throttle Katherine. It's a WONDERFUL story and I feel that it says everything in reading it. You don't cross Admiral Albert Calavicci -- period. You mess with the bull and you get the horns!

This is pure QL through and through. A touch of angst, a touch of mystery, a touch of romance ... okay... there's a touch of everything in this story that makes it a superb story.

My hat is off to you Katherine. Kudos! Kudos! Kudos!



Marigold Brambleburr said:
"Someone to Watch Over Me" is one of those gems you find unexpectedly. Well, maybe not "unexpectedly" considering this was one of Kat's pieces, and she can certainly tug at the heartstrings with the best of them. But there was something "more" to this one. Something special. Something that contained mystery and angst and a whole swell of emotions from every corner, leaving no character unexplored. And yet--even with all of that--the core of the story--the underlying message tied to the title and the meaning of Tuyen's name that we learned at the end--that core heart-story shone through in such a warming way. Truly, this story had it all. Brava! Bravissima!



Ziggy's Soul said:
This was a really terrific story. I didn't want to spoil anyone's reading but there were definitely times when I was hapy, sad, incensed, heartbroken, and amused. It is a real roller coaster story and Kat has again show why she is one of the best writers around. I really like how Al and Sam played off of each other in this story. GREAT WORK!



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The Virtual Seasons Team
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Superbly done, Kat!!!! Top marks for you on this one! You can ask E how much of a compliment this is when I say---YOU ALMOST MADE ME CRY!!!!
Kat, I finally got to read this and I have to say I was not disappointed. I agree with some of the raters that you would have won Dean an Emmy with this episode.

From start to finish, this story was superb. I loved the interaction with Sam and Al, and how Al was blaming Sam for everything that went down. Then with Sam Screaming at Al. It was intense

You could truly feel Al's pain in the in a couple of key scenes. Excellent
Great story. Another leap involving Al. This shows a different side of him. He's not the murdering type, but I can see him doing it to someone who cripples his daughter and indirectly kills his grandson. I guess we're all capable of murder under the right circumstances.
What can I say that hasn't already been said?

A very powerful and moving story, and every bit as well written as we would expect from Kat. All this has been stated, and while I endorse it, I am just one voice in the crowd.

Ok - about the only thing I can think of to say how I personally felt about this story:

It is the sort of story I wish I had written!

Does that do the job?
Sorry for not posting after I read this one. It's just I've been really busy with a lot of things on and offline.

This story was a little odd ball as in "Sam messed up," but he messed up trying to help one of Al's daughters. Things were righted in the end for the most part. And the thing that really stands out to me about this episode is the hmmm ..Not sure how to term this but I'm sure the more regulars in the forum know the term. Heck I've properly read it at some point. The "Leapguest" remembered every thing Sam did in him.
I've never watched that happen in an episode or read that in an episode before.
Excellent episode Kat! Very well done. If you want to post this on fanfiction.net tell me so that I can put it in the C2 community for all virtual eppies(and then there's the extra story; We Interrupt This Program which I highly reccomend). I love Julianna and I also love the fact that she found her crustacean. :lol Couldn't resist. You know it's almost as if that famous "Friends" couple are not really meant for a sitcom.

:cheers to the newly engaged couple.

And I would like to personally dedicate this episode to the memory of Christopher and Dana Reeve. They are true heroes who were(and still are from the grave) dedicated to helping other people who suffer from any physical disability.

~Steve B.