1228 Sanctuary, Part II

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Sanctuary, Part II
March 16, 1987

Brooklyn, New York

When Tom leaps into Franklin Benjamin, the director of a homeless shelter and rehabilitation program, he finds himself in the midst of forgotten men. His mission: to save one of the program residents before the man's new life is taken before he even has a chance to rebuild.

Written by: Jennifer L. Rowland

TVS Team
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Seeker said:
This episode, in completing the tapestry of "Sanctuary," was deftly and beautifully woven by an excellent writer. Jennifer, in bringing this most excellent story to a satisfying and hope-full conclusion for both Henry Voorhies and Albert Calavicci, especially Albert, you've aided us in taking a positive step toward eventually, hopefully returning to a "world WITH Sam Beckett."

The best I can do for rating is a 10, though your story easily deserves a score of twice that! Kudos, Jennifer! Excellently done, indeed!



Morris J. Finkle said:
Unable to rate.



Sporty said:
A great second part. I like the way this AU reality is going. I am sure Sam will be back sometime down the line. But it is great to see what if. I am glad Henry came around, he seemed like a nice guy just a lot of anger issues. Tom is a great leaper and having been with Al before really helped. Bobby is great too. A great episode. Can hardly wait to see what comes next. Bravo!

RATING: 10 (Actually, she rated it an 11!) :lol


Ziggy's Soul said:
What a ride. This was a fantastic story and hopefully one that leads to eventually getting back to normal (if that is a concept that can be used in the same sentence as Project Quantum Leap!) I like how Al has found his way back to the living and the world that he does so well in. This story really showed that Al's humanity is always there, no matter how many times he gets kicked in the teeth. It is sad that Sam's not being there has led to Al not having the same "self-assurance" that he always had. Sam and Al were definitely good influences on each other.



Vince Beckett said:
This is a great conclusion to this story. It's good that Tom is able to help Al get his life back together. I love the ending where Al is working on the project again. Another thing I liked about the ending is how the project is once again Project Quantum Leap, instead of Project Chrono-Leap and the computer is Ziggy instead of Alpha. With Al back on the project, the timeline is semi-restored. With Al back, there seems to be hope of saving Sam and restoring the timeline back to normal.



Xanadu said:
This was a wonderful twisting, turning, emotional story! Enough said!



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FINALLY got to finish this excellent story.

I always expect great things from this writer, and in Sanctuary Jennie certainly doesn't disappoint.

I'd like to echo the raters in saying that it is wonderful to see things getting back to the way they 'should' be, and Al's part in that was brought about in a very realistic and heartwarming way.
Just goes to prove - you can take the Admiral out of the Navy, but you can't take the Navy out of the Admiral, even if he lost sight of it for a while.
Al will always be Al, and we love him for it.

Brava Jennie - another moving masterpiece.
Well, I'm very slow in these thanks but they are no less heartfelt for the delay. Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful review, Helen. I am so glad you enjoyed the story!