1229 Draft Dodger

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Draft Dodger
November 15, 1969

Washington, D.C.

A bus is destined to crash, killing almost everyone onboard. It is up to Tom, with a little help from Al, to stop the accident and save a lot of lives.

Written by: Tom Nicklis

TVS Team
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Seeker said:
Overall, aside from using the word "physiatrist" instead of "psychiatrist" in referring to Verbena, and Tom referring to Julia as Linda, this was a nice read. The scene with Al and Eddie in the Waiting Room was, by far, the best scene of the story. The scene in the warehouse was a dandy, too.



Morris J. Finkle said:
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Sporty said:
A great story all around. I like these "Al" personal stories. Since Sam is not around, and Tom is taking over the leaping, having Al being involved is great. Good job!



Ziggy's Soul said:
Really liked the story ideas. It was very interesting seeing how Al and Tom reacted to the leapee although it didn't feel quite right. Even though an AU, this one is close enough to the original that while both men would be somewhat different, it wouldn't have lead them to become completely different people. The part about Beth overall was good and the scar story overall believable and well thought out. Very Al in how he dealt with it. Noticed what I think was a change in the girl who Tom was sitting with on the bus pre situation and post.



Vince Beckett said:
This is a pretty good story. It's nice seeing Al as the observer again. There weren't many scenes involving Tom's leap. This is more of an Al story. That's rather appropriate, considering the alternate history and Al's history with Vietnam.



Xanadu said:
This is a wonderful story! We get to learn more about Albert and how he "survives" through the rough times in his life. Thank you for that interesting tidbit, Tom. It was very well handled. :) I really enjoyed this leap.



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The Virtual Seasons Team
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Well done, Tom!! When I told you that I'd given Albert a scar but you could decide how he got it---what a great story you came up with!! :) I like how Tom and Al worked together on this one.
Thanks Jennie, I am glad you think I did it justice.

My favorite scene in it was the Wharehouse scene. I just loved how Al knew he owned the thugs. I had more fun writing that scene more than any other In any of my stories.
I liked the warehouse scene too, and the explanation of the scar was a great bit of continuity - the nightmares Al experienced were very true to character and well handled.

I'm missing Sam, but this was a touching leap in his absence.

I also liked how Tom's view of anti-war protestors was mellowed somewhat.
He is not instinctively as tolerent as his boy-scout brother, so this was a good lesson for him.