1232 Preemptive Strike

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Preemptive Strike

May 1, 1995
Stallion?s Gate, New Mexico

Fate has put Tom in a precarious situation that could change everything at the project. What's going to stop him from changing it?

Written by: M. J. Cogburn, C. E. Krawiec and Jennifer Rowland


The TVS Team
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Allie Cat said:
I thought that this story was an interesting look at how the Evil Leapers came to know of Project Quantum Leap in this alternate timeline and vice versa. It was neat seeing Tom leap into himself but it does bring up some questions about what happened with certain members of Lothos' band of miscreants. What about Zoe and Thames? Are they in that alternate timeline?

There is one part in the story that confuses me and that is when Albert is talking to Gooshie about Tom's leaps. Albert and Gooshie seemed to be deeply concerned about soemthing but it isn't clear what it is they are worried about. It couln't be the Evil Leapers, since it is clear this is their first encounter with them. What could they be concerned about?

Nonetheless, it was a nice read and well-done for being written in a jam. Good job, ladies!



Ziggy's Soul said:
A really nice piece, again written rather quickly... but having three fantastic writers collaboarte was good for the story. I don't want to give any spoilers but overall, the best of QL fanfiction is here... making choices for the betterment of all and confusion regarding "WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Albert continues to be an interesting character (enough different from Al but enough like him as well) that adds depth to the story. I didn't realize that Dr. LoNigro was quite THAT jealous... and the little nod to the "Heart of a Chamption" episode was fun. Heat and icecubes...

Well done ladies! Hoping that things get back to normal soon though. As much as I really enjoy Leaper Tom and this AU, I'm ready to get reacquainted with the good Dr. Beckett. Get the wrong of his untimely death righted soon!



Gooshie said:
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The Virtual Seasons Team
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I loved how Tom's encounter with Alia echoed Sam's.

I also liked the idea of Tom 'gagging' Ziggy by security locking the conversations.

Though I am still missing Sam and eagerly awaiting his return, it is good to know that his brother has taken up the baton and is carrying it so faithfully, ultimately agreeing not to avoid his first leap for the sake of those he has helped.

John and Thelma raised a brace of good boys!
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