1235 For the Sake of the Call

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For the Sake of the Call

April 25 –26, 2004
Somewhere in Sudan, Africa

Sam has leaped into the life of Howie Lockwood for the second time. Just his act of Leaping in seems to have accomplished his mission even while landing him face to face with a furious man in military fatigues and with an AK-47 in his hands. Sam is beaten, flogged and intimidated, and when Al shows up, he learns that he has a second mission to accomplish. Even though he saved Howie Lockwood’s life just by leaping into him again, when Sam eventually leaps out, the Visitor is still going to die, but there’s a catch—in any attempt to save the Visitor’s life, Sam cannot compromise the missionary’s faith. This leap also turns out to be a difficult one for Al to come to terms with.

Written by: C. E. Krawiec & Jennifer L. Rowland

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Re: 1233 For the Sake of the Call

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Ziggy's Soul said:
Oh my heavens…Sam is back in action and his first leap is to have to face the temptation that must be there to just let the General have his way and thus save his own life and the lives of those around him. Let the leapee deal with it when he gets back…The problem being what that would cost in terms of one’s eternal soul. Sam isn’t about to shirk that even if he does fear the ramifications of his actions. Both of these authors have done an excellent job of placing Sam firmly in an area where Sam will do what he does best…facing the world with compassion, caring, integrity, and a deep, if not often practiced, faith.

Looking forward to the conclusion of this piece.



Morris Finkle said:
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Sporty said:
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Allie Cat said:
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Vince Beckett said:
This is a good story. Sam is finally back. Howie is a brave man for going to Sudan, knowing the risks.



Zanadu said:
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I don't know about everyone else, but the emphasis of the small voice within the story was an awesome touch. Awesome, ladies, just awesome.

RATING: 10.0


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OF course....completely understand. By the way, I"m going to try to get what I owe YOU back to you by Sunday night at the latest....

Oh...when you get to part 2...DYING to know your thoughts!
Sam is back - and what a return!

Poor Sam, Poor Al.

First, let me get the slight niggle out of the way -

Quote: "Because the primary religion practiced in Sudan, like many nations of Africa, is Muslim," the Observer said simply.*Unquote.

Those who follow that faith are Muslims, but the religion itself is properly referred to as Islam.

Okay, I'm nitpicking, because aside from this slight slip of semantics, this story was flawless.

Well done ladies, you tugged at my heartstrings like a master puppeteer with a well crafted marionette.
Brava. *throws flowers at your feet.

Now I just need a couple of hours in a nice quiet padded cell so that I can read part two without interruptions.
I thought this was a pretty good story and it was certainly interesting to see a former leapee return. The "fight" between Al and Beth was well written as well. With luck, I'll be able to read part two later on this afternoon. :)

On a side note, I was going to mention the same thing as Helen about the mistake of calling "Muslim" a religion.

... Mike.