1236 For the Sake of the Call, Part II

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For the Sake of the Call Part 2

Date: April 25 –26, 2004
Location: Somewhere in Sudan, Africa

Sam has leaped into the life of Howie Lockwood for the second time. Just his act of Leaping in seems to have accomplished his mission even while landing him face to face with a furious man in military fatigues and with an AK-47 in his hands. Sam is beaten, flogged and intimidated, and when Al shows up, he learns that he has a second mission to accomplish. Even though he saved Howie Lockwood’s life just by leaping into him again, when Sam eventually leaps out, the Visitor is still going to die, but there’s a catch—in any attempt to save the Visitor’s life, Sam cannot compromise the missionary’s faith. This leap also turns out to be a difficult one for Al to come to terms with.

Written by: C. E. Krawiec & Jennifer L. Rowland

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Zanadu said:
I can't believe how these ladies have worked to pull on our heart strings. It's not fair that I have to wait until OCTOBER for the beginning of the next season. Thank you ladies for your work on such a wonderful and passionate filled story!

RATING: 10.0


Ziggy's Soul said:
This was a difficult assignment for both Sam and Al. The story was pulled together so well. Al's visit to the family was handled quite well and the story was very poignant. I know it was difficult for Sam to handle this and in this case, Swiss cheese memories might help ease the pain we know Sam would be feeling.



Sporty said:



Allie Cat said:



Vince Beckett said:



Gooshie said:



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This was a beautiful and haunting story! It's great to see Sam back in action, and what a thing to return to. I have to admire Howie's courage; I know in the face of beatings, I wouldn't have been able to hold on to faith. And now whenever I hear the song at the end, I know I'll think of this story. This story also resulted in a rather eerie nightmare, too, because I stayed up rather late finishing it; I couldn't go to sleep until I did. Good job, both of you.
As I've said privately to Eleiece, I think these ladies are trying to ursurp my title of "Queen of Cruel"! :lol

Poor Sam, Poor Al, Poor Howie.

A poignant tale, beautifully told.

I throw flowers at your feet ladies. Brava.
Well, this conclusion did not disappoint. It's unfortunate that Howie had to give his life in order to get through to the militia men, and a very interesting twist to have Sam leap into the second-in-command and convince the subordinates not to open fire on the townspeople.

The epilogue was quite long but wrapped up things quite nicely. I wasn't exepcting Al to go to Florida himself and the entire scene was quite moving. You two have done a great job here with a nice way to end the season. Well done!

... Mike.