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Maybe Baby
March 11, 1963

Somewhere in Texas

Sam, as a bouncer, must find out why his girlfriend, Bunny, has kidnapped a baby girl and either return the baby to her father, or find the real mother?who Al believes doesn't exist.

Written by: Paul Brown & Julie Brown
Directed by: Michael Zinberg

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Good episode. The first time each of us saw the leap-in from the previous episode we were thinking that Sam had leapt into a kidnapper, when actually, it was Bunny who was kidnapping. But was it really kidnapping? Bunny was going to return the baybe to the mother, but Bunny felt a little too attached to the baybe girl. Very nice ending! :D
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Two words: Julie Brown. She's one of the funniest and most talented comedic actor/writers out there. I love the scene where she strips for gas money and Sam just enjoys the show. For once, they don't make a big point of his prudishness. He is, after all, a grown man, not a kid. Also loved the scene with Sam and Al alone with the baby.
Julie Brown irritates me when she's trying to do "serious"; the my daddy beat me scene feels a little contrived. But the comic bits are terrific: I love when she comes darting back into the store to steal Barbie's matching wedding ensemble, and the little roll your eyes up pauses when she's trying to do the math in her head to figure out the mileage. Very funny.

Plus, barechested Sam holding a cute baby? Broke my awwwww meter.
This is a great episodes. Its kind of annoying how Bunny kept changing her facts about herself and about Chrissi and other stuff so no one that talks to her can tell when shes lying and when she's being truthful. Some of her bahavior period was a little exaggerated but none the less she was a good charactor all in all. But mostly I just loved Scott holding Chrissi in the hotel room and how he thinks she's crying because Buster is a big guy and then Al reminds him that she can see Sam. And when he has to change her diaper poor Clueless Sam. That whole hotel scene always makes me wonder what Scott thought of that kind of acting since he's a dad so he obviously knows how to be around a baby and change a diaper.

It was adorable seeing Scott being faternal on camera since we know he's a dad but we never see him with his kids. I need to get a screenshot of Sam holding Chrissi and thinking she's scared of Big guys when my DVD drive gets fixed.
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I've always found the scene in the motel room to be Scott's worst bit of acting. Now before you all start throwing the rotten fruit at me, let me explain what I mean by that.

Sam says he's never been around babies, doesn't know what to do, etc. but Scott's posture, when he picks up the baby makes a lie out of the words he's just said. He's very at ease holding the baby. Hence, the worst bit of acting he's done...doing what comes natural over rides his talent.

I need to get a screenshot of Sam holding Chrissi and thinking she's scared of Big guys when my DVD drive gets fixed.
I've screencapped the whole episode. You can find them here: http://sbscreencaps.com/maybe_baby.htm
He does look very natural holding the baby, so I can see your point, Julia. I don't think it falls to the level of "Scott's worst bit of acting," though. Not that I would throw fruit at you or anything.
jmoniz said:
Sam says he's never been around babies, doesn't know what to do, etc. but Scott's posture, when he picks up the baby makes a lie out of the words he's just said. He's very at ease holding the baby. ...doing what comes natural over rides his talent.
Being charitable to Sam...

He has clearly been around babies, since he has a younger sister.
He probably even helped out a bit, even though he was only - what? 4yrs old when Katie was born? He was a genius after all. He would certainly have been around when Thelma was tending Katie, and seen how to handle a baby.
Also, he is a qualified doctor, and whilst paediatrics may not be his speciality, it is a sure bet he'd have come across more than a couple of babies.
So that's where the 'at ease' comes from.

As for the 'clueless' bit - blame the Swiss Cheese memory!

Dichotomy solved!
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Yeah I agree with Helen Sam had to have been given his share of jobs with baby Katie when he was a kid and you can't blame Scott it was probably an accident its hard to act like you are not something you actually are. I mean think about it If you were a parent wouldn't you find it difficult to hold a baby in the incorrect manner since handling babies with love and care and the correct way to not hurt them is in your nature? Scott is a dad he's raised four babies so he has a lot of experience and its not always easy fighting what comes natural hence Sam various times throughout the series being a little too much himself than his host. One excellent example being the scene in Color Of Truth where Sam tells the doctors at the hostial how to prepare for Nell's arrival in the building. Jesse of course would not know crap about that.

Now if Scott were not a dad in real life and we did not also have Sam's expirence with Katie to think about than I would totally agree with you Julia but since he IS a dad and has expirience with not one but FOUR babies you have to be gentle, Scott was probably doing the best he could to hide his expirience. And Sam's expirience with katie probably played a part in it as well. And as for claiming that he knows nothing about babies as Helen said that was the swiss cheese speaking.

So while you make a good point Julia take things into consiteration, give Scott and Sam a break.

btw I am totally NOT throwing fruit at you, I am not the kind of person who ever does that(well not intentionally anyway) I was always taught to calmly explain when I disagree with someone's view. I am peaceful person usually I dislike confrentation. I mean if someone winds me up enough I can get angry and a little rough but I DO NOT enjoy it, I very much prefer to be peaceful. That rarely happens though usually I am affected little enough to always remain peaceful. So I am not accusing you of acttacking Scott, I know you wouldn't being the owner of the Scott Bakula Ruond Table, I am disagreeing with your views in a peaceful manner.
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I get your point Julia (LOL), although, honestly I've never met anyone normal who actually was terrible with babies - you know, holding them by their ears or something. Mostly, the baby is quite content, but the person (who swears up and down that he or she has absolutely no idea what to do) ends up with a crick in his or her neck from holding precisely the right position.

Quick anecdote. My mother, when I was born, was terrified that she would be too rough with me (I was her third, but very premature, and she thought I was fragile). When I was about six weeks old, the pediatrician apparently, let me latch onto his index fingers (babies have a strong grip that early) and flipped me over (think gymnast on parallel bars). Then he handed me back to her and said, "See, not so fragile." So, yeah, it's hard to handle a baby "wrong."

Now, tucking the kid into a pillowcase? Bad, bad Sam.
bluedana said:
Now, tucking the kid into a pillowcase? Bad, bad Sam.

Haha, yeah Sam could have used his genious brain better there but yeah I did not think of that whan I made my post but Dana is right there really is no wrong way to hold a baby as long as its in your arms and its body is right side up.

And responding to the fragile thing, I was the first grandchild on my mom's side of the family so when I was born my Uncle Larry refused to hold me because he insisted that he would break me but there is a picture to this day of when he finally did it but from looking at the picture you couldn't tell that it was his first time holding a baby.

So you really don't need to be an expert to be content holding a baby. Its kind of hard not to be because they are so cute.
And you can tell that Sam was plenty nervous at least before she peed on him and he had to remove his shirt (Yay, Yummy! Way to go Christy ;)).
Good episode, but not excellent, in my opinion, and that was mainly because I didn't like the character of Bunny. She was careless and sometimes very dumb. The only time I liked her was when she gave the baby to her real mother (you gotta give Bunny that: she was so brave). All that last scene, after Reed gets arrested, is very dramatic, emotional, and it was masterfully played out. It made me cry the first couple of times I saw it. In fact, that's the only reason I revisit this episode over and over again, so I can get to that last scene.

All in all, not the best QL episode, but not so forgettable, either.

My rating: Good.
Entertaining, but an average episode. There were some funny bits here and there (especially "Gotta Go Joe" stopping to water every tree in the Texas panhandle), but nothing in the episode really sticks out as memorable or "must watch again" to me.
This one has grown on me over the years. I remember the first time I watched this when I was a kid I just thought it was dull. Then the next few times I just found Bunny to be so, so, SO annoying. But on my most recent re-watch I actually really liked her character. I suppose I've just finally grown to like the humour she brings to this episode. And that last scene really touched me this time around, too.

The plot itself could have been better. It does feel a little all over the place at times once things start moving. Those opening couple of scenes in the motel are my favourite parts of the episode. Al trying to entertain Christie is really funny, as too are the scenes with Sam trying to calm her down. Haha.

My rating. Good. I actually found it really fun this time around so think it deserves this rating.