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Sea Bride

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Sea Bride
June 3, 1954

New York City, New York

As the ex-husband of a woman onboard a cruise liner, Sam must prevent her from marrying a man she does not truly love and in the process, make her choose him instead to ensure that he does not committ suicide and ruin both their lives.

Written by: Deborah Pratt
Directed by: Joe Napolitano

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The tango, Sam in the blue swim trunks, the garbage scene...

and that great line "I can't throw you a rope, I'm a hologram!"

Wonderful episode!
Probably Deborah Pratt best work as a writer for QL. For a change she gave us a simple ending and didn't try to complecated the ending and held herself back to make it too mushy.
Anyway there is one thing i realized just today, after i've seen this episode,again - The viewers recieved all along the episode clues about what's coming in the next episode of QL - MIA.
I also think in this episode it was the first time Al ever mentioned his first wife - Beth(but not by her name) to Sam.
You're right, isz, nice foreshadowing in this episode.

I could sit and watch the tango all day, even the goofy chair flourish at the end. Even the dopey gangsters got a laugh out of me.
Bexter said:
quite a good fun episode, i like episodes that are fun. My fave part was near the end when she says something along the lines of "you stink, but i'm going to kiss you anyway"

Yeah, gotta say I love that line too!

And I forgot to mention the other one I like in the garbage scene. Al says something to Sam about only having a certain time to stop the wedding (I can't at the moment recall the exact length of time he has). The way he says it always reminds me of the "Flash Gordon" film, where Flash is fighting for his life, and the girl, Dale Arden, calls out "Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!"
There's a lot to like in this episode; it's funny & touching - and Sam looks great in either swim trunks or tux. But there's one word that best describes it all...TANGO!
One of my least favorite episodes not only from season 2, but from the entire series. Almost nothing appealed to me in this episode. Everything and everyone was so annoying and didn't care much for anyone. The only moment I liked was when Al mentioned his wife, a sort of heads-up for the next episode. Some parts were funny, like the mother crying, but I found most of the "intended-to-be-funny" moments so unconvincing, as if I was watching a bad kid's movie. The lightheartedness of the episode was what killed the mood for me. Never liked seeing Sam so dirty, either. The highlight was the trash-crusher in itself. That was actually a bit suspenseful.

Didn't like how the little girl talked to the audience. I must not "L-OVE!!!" happy endings, haha!! Sorry about that.

Anyway, one installment I always try to skip. Boring, in my opinion.

My rating: Fair.
I've never been one for love stories. But this one had great sets, great costumes, and Al's (actually Dean's) environmentalism. Most of the actors overplayed their parts, but not all of them did. We do get to see a bit of a teaser as to what's to come in the next episode, but I'm sure new viewers wouldn't catch that. This episode isn't one of my favorites, but it's not at the bottom of my list, either. This episode gets a Good from me.

Bonus: James Harper, who played Vinny, and I each have a very close friendship with the same person and his family, and have for at least 20 years - a fact that we discovered during the Leap Back con in 2009!
This may come across as shocking to some people on here (as I see this isn't one of the top rated episodes)...but this one makes my top 10. I know objectively it probably isn't great enough to warrant it, but I just love so many things about it.

First of all, I really am a sucker for a romantic story, and especially one that's told at sea. In fact, the story being told on a ship is what really elevates the story for me. I like it when episodes take place in one location. I'm not sure why, actually. Haha. That's one of the reasons why I liked Honeymoon Express so much, and Ghost Ship.

I love Catherine and Jennifer, and their sister relationship. Jennifer helping Sam is just really cute. Her using the nickname for Vincent all the time is also hilarious. Lol. In fact, "Vinny the Viper" is another highlight for me. I can go either way with stereotype, one-dimensional characters. They can be too much or just right. Vinny is just right. He strikes the perfect balance between comedy and intimidating. The whole episode strikes the right notes in regards to all its characters.

The light hearted approach works well here. It's Quantum Leap close to its very best to me. I appreciate it all the more because of the next three episodes coming up. They're some of the best the series has to offer, but they're also very heavy and sometimes even hard for me to watch. I love that we get a little hint of what's to come in the next episode, too. That little reference to Beth can't have been accidental.

The best scene has to be when Sam and Catherine dance the tango. That scene is just perfect.

My rating. Excellent. One of Deborah Pratt's very best.