318 A Hunting We Will Go

A Hunting We Will Go

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A middle of the road episode this one. I think the problem is that the episode sometimes tries too hard to be funny. Of course, there are some genuine laughs on the way. But for the most part, I think the chemistry between Sam and Diane feels a little forced. Diane herself is also one of the more annoying female characters in season 3. She does have her good moments, but for the most part she was annoying.

Al feels underused here at times. When he's around he's as entertaining as always. Him constantly defending Diane because she reminded him of Maxine is funny. I also like how it turns out he's right about her after all.

The villains of the episode also feel a little one-dimensional. They feel like cardboard cut out villains and the whole ending feels a tad rushed.

My rating. Average. I know it seems like I hate this episode from the review above, but that was me just pointing out the worst parts. There are some nice moments sprinkled in, and the episode has a light/happy feel to it.