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The Wrong Stuff

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it's a very interesting episode because the QL crew deal dealt with animals but they managed tj keep the spirit of the serial, though the screenplay may be controversial.
it was very nice to me to see that Scott show true emotions to the chimp-mate as she was a real girl-friend. And at the end she gave her "love" back to him streching the lips to the "fience". And Scott lightly replies.
This leaves a nice atmosphere on my heart that one life can understand another, doesn't it?
The running caterpillar joke was pretty funny because I wasn't expecting it at all.

I still don't understand why Sam didn't just steal the jeep in front of the lab building instead of running away. That just seemed like a bad idea and sure enough, the creepy doctor took the jeep to catch them.

The whole "chimps parietal bone structure" sounded like a legitimate way to discredit that head impact study completely. I'd think the higher ups would have listened to the vet and held off. *shrugs*

I hope Scott was well-paid this season since he had to kiss a chimp on the lips! Gak.
One thing that I noticed that should not happen that did in this leap. That is Al communicated with Sam!

As you know, Al sees Sam as the person he leaps in to, and not himself. He also, does not hear Sam's own voice, but the host of the person Sam leaps into as well. So, therefore, being Sam's host is an animal that cannot talk, then when Sam was talking, Al should of heard the natural chimp sound when Sam spoke and not at all understood him. So what happened here that changed all of this?

Also, how can the female chimp in the next cage be attracted to the male chimp Sam was leaped into? If you remember animals can see Sam as his true form and also able to see Al's holographic image as well. Chimps are animals and therefore the rule applies. The female chimp should of not fallen in love with her male mate if she can not see him.

The writers screwed up big time here. I thought the story was dumb. If he wanted to save the chimp's life, he could of leaped into a human at the facility.
Al saw Sam as the person he'd leaped into up to the time he leaped into Samantha Stormer. That experience of him 'fancying' his best friend in a knockout woman's body let them to have Ziggy tweak the link, so that after that Al saw Sam as Sam. And heard as well presumably.
As for Cory, yes, she should have seen Sam as Sam. There is no suggestion that she was seeking mating rituals with him, though. She just developed a close affection for him. Any pet owner will tell you that can happen.
Sam as a Chimp....

Very funny, touching episode in a lot of ways....Interesting concept. The scene at the end where the jerky security guard got it with the tranquilizer dart was great. Served him right.:roflmao:

Of course, I was okay with Scott running around in practically nothing too. ;)
I think this episode was a gamble that paid off. It was risky but well worth it after the very dramatic episode that preceded it (Raped). I can understand how a lot of fans would protest the idea and think they went too far with this one, but I enjoyed it thoroughly as a one-off.

I think the reason it works for me is that by this point in the series, I've bought into the viability of Leaping so thoroughly that I can totally accept that Sam is a chimp. His body language, his head movements, his facial expressions - all perfect. I loved the part where he realized the doctor wasn't going to put the thermometer in his mouth. :roflmao:

There's a scene where that nasty security guard comes in in the morning and taunts Cory and she backs away from the bars, then very hesitatingly reaches for the food only to have the guard bang on the bars and scare her, and I really felt for her. I cannot abide cruelty to animals in any way, shape or form and that scene really got to me. (Yes, I am one of those crazy animal lovers that gets more upset at animal mistreatment than human mistreatment.) And the scene towards the end where Sam is holding her in his arms while hiding behind some barrels waiting for Al to rescue them was so touching you forget how absurd the entire situation is.

Without question, one of the funniest episodes of the series.
Dear god, I adore Mr Bakula even more as he had to stay in that diaper for the entire episode :roflmao:
At least he didn't have to be worried over being seen as talking to himself that much.
First time I saw this episode, I didn't like it, the whole leaping into a chimp thing, but I've warmed up to it. My favorite thing about it is the moral ambiguity. In many episodes there is no clear right and wrong. Dr. Winger actually brings up some very valid points in his argument with Leslie. It's well done without making a political statement.
Well...what can I say about The Wrong Stuff? Utterly bonkers? Yes. Jumping the shark? Maybe. Absolutely hilarious? Yes. Haha.

One of the funniest episodes of them all (maybe the funniest). Sam leaping into a chimpanzee sounds like bad fan fic when you say it aloud, but I actually think the episode works really, really well. The stakes feel so high because Sam can't properly communicate with anyone except Al throughout this leap, and we know that because of it the odds are really stacked against him. I adore Caroline Goodhall in this episode. One of my favourite female characters of the fourth season. And of course, who can forget Cory. Her and Scott were just so cute together.

And yes, as mentioned before, I do find this episode very funny. The whole running gag with the caterpillar juice gets me every time, as do nearly all the things Sam is put through in this episode.

The ending is also great, with Dr. Winger finally seeing the error of his ways when Sam saves his life as Bobo. Beautiful moment when we get a close up of both their eyes.

This is a gentler episode than some others in season 4, and I think it comes at the perfect time before the next episode (which, as you all know, is very, very heavy and dark). So yeah, an all around great episode.

My rating. Excellent. A really underrated episode, in my opinion.