At least we all can breath now!



Just a note to say how glad and relieved I am that they finally caught the "Beltway Sniper". I posted when it all started that I was more nervous now then after 9/11. And after all of us living with this for 23 days, I still agree that it was more nerve racking then 9/11. My mother calling almost every day from New Jersey didn't help much either. But they've caught them, and I hope that they get what they so richly deserve.
I was actually watching CNN as all this stuff took place the other night... I was doing homework, and I work best with CNN on. (don't ask me why... I have no idea) I was up 'til 12:30am that night... Then I turned it on again as SOON as I woke up... I am SOOOOOO relieved that they caught those guys. I don't have any family or friends out there, but I am always worried for everybody when something like this happens, strangers or not. I'm just that kinda person.

yeah, that crap ain't funny!!! I was very irked, especially when they were bringing the military background into the whole thing. It was obvious it was an amatur doing the "sniping"...

A real sniper would have made a signature hit... always in the left eye, a hand, whatever!!!

This fool knew how to aim thru a scope! SHEESH!