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Just got this via email today.
Sadly it looks as if the soundtrack issues remain unresolved. What a missed opportunity. Send for Sam to right this wrong.

I received the same notification. You can contact Universal Studios Entertainment at:

I sent the following message: I have just heard that there is a November release date for a 5 season package of Quantum Leap.

Please reconsider obtaining the original music and releasing this set in Blu-ray.

Quantum Leap Fans worldwide will be very appreciative and will purchase "corrected and updated" the 5 season set.

We all own (in some cases several copies) the bad double sided, techno music, grainy productions. There is no need to purchase more of the same.

Quantum Leap deserves better than more of the same. Faithful fans deserve the corrections.

Thank you for your consideration.

I don't know that we can affect change, but it's worth a try. Quantum fans have affected a lot of change by writing in the past.
Lissa K, you're letter is wonderful and I thank you for providing the contact link.
I've just sent my own and urge all here at Al's to do the same as the more fans they see behind this cause the more likely they are to listen.
The Quantum Leap fanbase has made a huge difference before back when it faced a cancelation threat after the finale of the first season. It's I believe in the extras of the first season box set. Supposedly fan protests were a large part of why it was renewed for a second season and thrived for three more after.
Since I was only three years old then this is my first chance to contribute and I'm honored to do so.

Here is my letter:
Today it has come to my attention that the Quantum Leap series will be re-released in a full series box set in November.
Upon reading this I was overjoyed as two discs in my original sets are in need of replacing due to loss and damage.
It however greatly disappointed me to realize that we are expected to pay over $100 for the exact same low quality product containing alterations/reduction of soundtrack and content that we already own. Like Sam Beckett I'd like to ask you to 'leap' yourselves into a fan/costumer, does this sound like something you would buy? The answer is hopefully 'No'.

We idealize a Blu-ray release with all of the original content and the original soundtrack restored. Perhaps even a few added behind the scenes features. Such quality upgrades are needed to make it worth our money and trust me we are more than willing to pay extra for it. That's how dedicated the Quantum Leap fanbase is.

Please take this under consideration. You'd have a lot of appreciative fans if you did this. The month of release, November is the month of my birthday and this would be an amazing gift. You'd make one very happy birthday gal to put a little extra effort into spreading this amazing series.


Sh**! Chrome didn't bother to red underline two spelling errors I've just corrected here in the box at the Universal web page. Hopefully they won't notice. XP


UPDATE 9:16PM PST Aug 13, 2014

They responded to my letter but clearly show no attention paid to my comments about the new box set. All they did was ask for my address to replace my lost/damaged discs for me. What the...? o_O It appears that they may have mistaken me for referring to recently purchased box sets. Mine are not.
Ugh, Universal! :banghead

"We value your satisfaction with our products..."

Yeah right! I'm almost wondering if the offer is meant to shut me up from asking about a new release with the original soundtrack. Opinions? Should I take them up on it?

Here is the response exactly:

Thank you for contacting us.

Please let us know your mailing address and daytime telephone number, and we will send you replacements for the damaged discs. Also, please include:


We value your satisfaction with our products and hope that you will enjoy this and future Universal releases.


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From the latest email I received, it looks as if this new set is nothing more than the individual season dvds with the addition of a cardboard box to keep them together.
Can we all say 'rip-off'?
That's what the first article you posted says, that basically it's exactly the same sets we already own except in a single package and they're planning to charge over $100 for it! It's pretty much robbery.

Not that this means a thing but I must say that case looks awesome!