Crowdfunding the Quantum Leap movie?

Lightning McQueenie

Project QL Intern
Dec 8, 2005
So as we all recently found out, Don Bellisario has written a Quantum Leap movie script. Now the question is - will the movie actually ever see the light of day?

As we know there are numerous hurdles that need to be crossed, many of which could probably go away by throwing some money at it. So my idea is - could we crowdfund this movie?

It is very ambitious, BUT it has been done before. In 2014, the Veronica Mars movie was only made because more than $5 million US was raised on Kickstarter.

Do you think this is an idea worth pursuing? How shall we go about it?
Has Mr. Bellisario divulged any details of the script? I'd love to know more about it. will it still star Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell?i also hope ziggy and the Handlink and other key props would remain the same.
He has said that Scott and Dean were always in his mind when he wrote it. So hopefully this means that they are intended to reprise their roles...