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Sep 1, 2002
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Article 714:
favorite leap?

Date: 08/27/2000
From: leaper4life

I was just wondering what everyone's favorite leap is.

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That's a tough question...
Date: 08/27/2000
From: fireyf

It's hard to chose. I like almost all Sam's leaps. I like "The Leap Home" but I think everyone likes that one. I'd have to say it's a draw between "The Leap Back" and the Trilogy. And of course I like the infamous "Boogie Man."

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Favotite leap 2
Date: 08/31/2000
From: uranialeaper

I like all Sam's leaps, but my favorite are 'the Americanization of Machiko', 'Good morning, Peoria', 'Disco Inferno', and 'Pilot'1,2... I mean Genesis
Then 'Memphis melody' and
Oh, I'll tell you later O.K.?

Reply 3:
Favorite Show
Date: 09/14/2000
From: SamBeckettLover

Hey Leaper4Life,
I could never choose a favorite because they are all good for a different reason.

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My favorite leap
Date: 10/19/2000
From: tootieA3

All of the leaps are great!!!!!!! But if I have to choose I whould pick "The Leap Back". Its the one where Sam and Al switch places.
I would have to say "Leap for Lisa" also Leap home 2 "Vietnam"
"Hurricane" plus the "Leap Back".Those are the tops but I like
them all.