Funny happenstance


PQL Security Staff
Jul 11, 2002
Missouri, USA
So, I've been using the app JustPlay for a couple weeks, and today I installed Fishdom for the rewards. First tank, I name my fish Tess, Andrew, and Monica 😉. I get to the next tank, which is Greece, and I decide I'm gonna go with QL for that one. So my first fish, I name Al.

They have a thing where a fish already has a random name when you're going to buy it, but you can change it. They also have a name randomizer.

When I go to buy a second fish, with the intention of naming it Sam... the random name given to the fish I'm looking at is.... ZIGGY. I kid you not!


So, of course I had to go with that one.

Next one I get was auto-named Tom, so of course I had to keep that one.


I added several more, giving them all names like Tina and Gooshie, etc. Finally got Sam when I went to buy a fish and the auto-name was Samuel, lol.