Project QL Intern
Nov 15, 2022
Los Angeles, CA
Finally made an account after lurking around here for ages! Been a Quantum Leap fan for ages, ever since I was introduced to the show when it first began streaming on Netflix ages ago. I was born about 9 years after the original series ended, but I'm very happy we now have a continuation that can introduce a whole new generation to this amazing show.

I make props and prop replicas in my spare time, and I actually sell them sometimes through my Etsy store! One of the first props I remember wanting as a kid was Al's Handlink to Ziggy, so I finally made that a reality a few weeks ago! Using translucent and LED LEGO-style bricks, I built what I think works as a pretty good replica! I also made a prototype of Addison's Handlink from the new series, but I'm currently working on an improved model! (Photos included below!)

Happy to be a part of the fandom of one of the greatest sci-fi series ever made!


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