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DBS Producer Aurora

Due to the overwhelming response to his performances in the Promos and Prologue Shane Devon has agreed to continue on as Sam Beckett in episode one!!!

*happy Aurora dance*

Stay tuned!!


Episode one's gonna be absolutely splendid, what with the marvelous cast we've got assembled.. and Shane *LOL*

Thank you, Shane, for agreeing to do episode one.

And thanks to everyone else, for just BEING!

Mia, who is more excited than she was before, if that's humanly possible
*happy dance* YAY! (yay for Aurora, Sam is back! Yay for Shane! Hope things have cleared up for you timewise!)

I was so proud to hear that our good ol' Someday Man Shane had gotten the part... Lamented his need to go when time got tight... Listened with a dropped jaw as the promos went online...

So of course I'm thrilled to hear he's back! Hooray! This show is going to be great with all the talent going into this thing! :)

Oh, my god, this is awesome! I'm really glad Shane is able to do episode one. I hope that he is able to schedule his time wisely, however. I don't want him to get into trouble in RL over this.

From the first word, I KNEW Shane was the right person to play Sam Beckett. Heck, if I had been listening having only been given the sound file and not known what it was, I would have SWORN it was actually Scott Bakula!

I am so glad that we will be able to revel in the majestic sound that is Shane Devon's AWESOME voice-acting abilities!

Shane Devon's #2 [Unofficial] Fangirl :D

Hello all...
I just want to verify one little thing...

I heard Shane right after Aurora did on this QDL... she asked me what I thought... and I knew IMMEDIATELY that I was a fan....

AND... before anyone else claims it....

I even TOLD him PERSONALLY that I was his NO. ONE FAN! So there! NAH NAH NAH! :D

WAY TO GO Shane, my main squeeze!

I *KNEW* this would happen! I knew it!!!!!!

*clinks glass of champagne with him* Wonderful Job...

Your No. One Fan!
I'm not the one who mentioned a fight :p

A-ha, a-ha, a-ha.


Well, I guess that's supposed to make me Number One Fan Understudy, or Number One Fan Jr., or Number Two Fan.. but it's not. Well, I'm not going to let it, anyway. You may claim to be Shane's number one fan, but you're going to have to fight me for it! And besides, I'll always be his Number One ORIGINAL FANGIRL!

...Or maybe we should join forces and rule over all other Shane fans. Hmm.

Not going to start a fight....

I'll make a compromise with ya....

You can be his No. One Unofficial/Original fangirl.

It is true that as far as after the posting goes... you have that title.

I'll be his No. One Official/Original Fangirl... (told up close and personal).

As for joining forces and rule over all other Shane fans... you got yourself a deal sweetheart!!!!! Let's do it!!!



Shane Devon's Original Official Fangirl
Re: Not going to start a fight....

I'm oh-so jealous of your Official-ness, but I suppose it'sfabby dabby to be Unofficial just the same! :) Yes, we will rule over Shane fandom together, like King and Queen.. only Queen and Queen! *giggles*

Oh Dear...

Well... I hope you feel more than welcome hon! *chuckle* They're fighting over you!

But remember girls... I FOUND HIM FIRST!!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh.. and btw!! In all the craziness of being a 'Devonite'... review the Prologue please? Feedback would be great!!!

Ohhhhhh good grief!!!

Being the Quantum Leap fan that I am, I can understand the ... uhm... the excitement of having the DQL up and running. I also understand (because I can hear the intonations in Mr. Devon's voice that belong to our dear Dr. Sam Beckett) that these women would go... er... for lack of a better word... ga-ga over him.

It's obvious that he's an asset to the production with his voice.... very obvious. However... uhm... I don't want to... er... delay and miss out on the flair of QDL....



*whispers and lightly laughs - not believing she's going to say it*

May I be a Devonite?

Well... shoot me for not kicking your butts! At least you aren't asking for pics of him in a speedo... or in his bathing suit.... ;)

Defender of Pruriency Everywhere! :eek
finally posting

*peeks in from behind Bosty* ...I want Al

*sniggler* Who's my daddy? ahem...right then. carry on.

*skips off to listen to chop-chop chinese again*
Re: finally posting

*blink blink* Dear.... ah ... yeah... okeee....

Yes.. we have some veeeery strange VA's in this thing!

oh Aurora

...you picked the nuts from the tree of insanity.
Re: oh Aurora

Of COURSE you can be a Devonite! *mweals happily* More, more, moooooore Devonites! *cackle*

Uhh, I mean.. yeah! :)

Re: oh Aurora

Well, it looks like Shane is starting to gather a bit of a fan following. *chuckle* I added a 'fanmail' link to his bio page today so all the Devonites can write him and let him know what they think!

Shane... and the promos

Wow, I never would have known that Shane had agreed to go on with the radio play, had I not come in here!

Tooo kewl!

Okay, now for my feedback on the promos...



WELL done!