Project QL Intern
Nov 22, 2006
Hey I am Dee (Diana) from Australia & I live in a little town outside Melbourne named Cockatoo, I am a big Fan of Quantum Leap my daughter also a fan loves the show :hurray: I am so looking forward to chating to you all:wave
BTW cute smileys :dreaming

May I be the first to welcome you to our community.

We are getting quite a lot of Australian fans swelling our numbers, which is great.

I'm the resident :wacko Brit.

Pull up a barstool, sit a spell, and lets get to know one another.

You'll find this the friendliest place in (any) town.
Hey Dee

Welcome to Al's Place. Helen's right, there's a lot of Aussie leapers joining recently. The more the merrier. Let's throw on a barbie for you all ;)

I am the Irish Leaper here. If memory serves me correctly, there are one or two others, but don't post as much as me.... not that I'm a spammer! :p

Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent. Welcome :D
:hurray: thanks for the welcome all you made me feeel very Welcome :D & thank you for the birthday greeting :sing
Hey Dee :)
You should almost be able to see me waving to you now that the bushfire smoke has cleared away. Glad to hear that Cockatoo is not in trouble this time (I was living in UFTG during the fires of '83).

Great to see there's a bunch of Aussie leapers here: hi Andrew, and Time Lord!

-Lea :)