Issues with DVD personal info processing


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Jun 12, 2008
London, UK
How strange. I have been asked for my address about 3 times already with the Starlight website and they have asked for my credit card details twice? Is that normal?
No, as long as you got your confirmation email. Should be fine.

To all... sorry I'm the only one answering your questions, guys. The rest of the committee is scared to come here I guess. Barbara is the one who should be answering these type of questions, but she's the one doing all the illegal withholding of raw footage and trying to hack all the accounts I use with the convention, so I can imagine she'd be walking into a lynch mob coming here.

She and Helene have banned me from their SBFF forum and all the Scott fans over there are scared to say anything about it on that board for fear of being banned, so I wouldn't bother trying to ask anything there unless you want to get banned.
Milestone and Janna,
I sent an email to the committee (the ladies) to see if this could be handled. This is the response I got:

The Committee said: said:
Thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the committee. We would be pleased to help in any way we can.

However, we would require additional personal information from the individuals you mention to pursue this further.

We do not share personal information with third parties, so these individuals are welcome to contact us directly.

Thank you for your concern.

You'll have to email them yourselves to make sure that it's all correct.

Please use this address:
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I'd deal directly with Starlight on this or ask them to have Barbara call you directly. I don't trust any of them with anything anymore, I'm sorry to say.

If they could have taken down the actual Leap Back website, they would have done that recently after our weekend meeting. However, I actually am the legal owner of the website, so they can't.

I think we'll get our DVD's, since Barbara made a commitment to Starlight to ship out all sets. If she screws it up, she has to answer to their legal department. I know I'll be calling their legal if I don't get my set.

This is not really my convention anymore, guys. It's been taken hostage by some rabid wolves, so I'm afraid I can't do much more to help but I'm here for moral support or to answer anything about the actual weekend.
I will tell you directly and everyone else here, that if I don't get my DVD set since I know that I got in early enough to get it... I will also go to Starlight's legal department and I don't think that they want to hear from THIS particular consumer.

They better hope that it gets to me.

Also, Janine and Milestone... althought the "committee" said to contact them, why don't you just do what Brian said and go through Starlight. That way they can verify everything without more he said / she said going on.

Great idea. Also guys, you don't have to go just by what I've reported to you. You can choose to disagree of course. I'm not going to censor you (unless something just outright vulgar is said) here like they do at SBFF if you aren't Barbara and Helene's best buddies. It's really turned into a joke over there. Julia's board is much, much better.

If you want to dig into the facts and find out things for yourselves, you're welcome to. But the more you dig, the more you'll see what I'm talking about. Rabid dogs.
I'm not sure who the correct person to contact is in Starlight. I've tried looking for a relating email address but cannot find anything :-(