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Thread Heading: Music Video Finished

Date: 01/12/2000
From: Himeko

...or, part 1 atleast. =P Heh. It goes to a song called "Concertina" by Tori Amos. You can download it at the address below:

Comments and/or questions are appreciated. ^_^ And BTW, I'm working on Part 2, it should be up in a few weeks or so.

Reply 1: Can't wait

Date: 01/12/2000
From: Bugsy1

Can't wait to go over and take a look at it. Sounds interesting good to hear you finished it:) . Will let you know what I think after I see it.

Reply 2: wow!

Date: 01/13/2000
From: kelly714

that was incredible...the song fit perfectly. the video was quite touching. bravo.
Re: Music CD

Article 914:
Quantum Leap Musical CD

Date: 01/06/2001
From: MTLeaper2

For those of you who are interested in buying the QL music CD (or cassette), it is available through GNP Crescendo Record Co. I believe their address is 8400 Sunset Blvd in Hollywood (zip-90069) and the toll-free phone number is 1-800-854-7029. It is a really good collection, with Scott's version of "Imagine" as well as "Somewhere in the Night", the song written by Ray Bunch & Scott Bakula (it was performed in the QL episode of "Piano Man"). The Quantum Leap fan song is on there, along with a medley form "Man of La Mancha" (from "Catch a Falling Star") and the Elvis songs Sam sang in the "Memphis Melody" episode ("Blue Moon of Kentucky" and "Let's Play House"). There is also an interview with Scott Bakula, and one Dean Stockwell song (Al's "Alphabet Rap" song from the "Shock Theater" episode).
It also includes Sam's rock song "Fate's Wide Wheel" from the "Glitter Rock" episode, which is very suggestive of Sam's life as a Leaper. The rest of the music is instru-mental recordings from some of the other episodes. It's a great traveling tape! My friend & I played it on the way from Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC when we went down there to be extras in Scott's "Major League III (Back to the Minor's)" movie. It certainly psyched us up for our meeting with Scott!!!!!
Re: Music CD

Article 1004:

Date: 01/18/2001
From: bigQLfan

After hearing some of you talk about the CD I went to Amazon .com and bought it for myself. I got it Tuesday and could hardly wait to listen to it. The CD is amazing. There are a number of songs sung by Scott Bakula that i think display his musical talent beautifully. He has such a great voice! There is also a great interview wih him at the end. I encourage everyone to get it. It has my favorite song, Somewhere in the night on it which haunts me. In a good way. I live and would love to get the sheet music some how to perform it. If anyone knows how I could do that please let me know! Thanks!!!

I think I can help you, canyou help me?

Date: 01/18/2001
From: wishful_dreamer

You can get the sheet music be going to a music store-one that sells sheet music, not cds-and ask them to order it for you. If there isn't a music store near you, use the search one your computer to look for a store and order it off the internet. Now could you help me? What is the title of the cd? Where did you get it? Do you know anywhere else to get it? What songs are one it? How much is the cd? If you can answer any of these questions, please post your reply on post 1014. The title of the post is First Episode Question. Thank you for any help you can give me, and I hope I could help you.

Reply 0n 1014:
CD info

Date: 01/21/2001
From: bigQLfan

Sorry it took me so long to get bakc to you. The title is just Music from the Televison Series Quantum Leap. The songs are as follows; Prologue (The intorduction at the begining of the show, the spoken part), Quantum Leap the main tiale, Somewhere in the night ( sung by Scott Bakula from the episode Piano Man. My Favorite song on the cd),Suite from The Leap Home part1, Image (sung by Scott from the leap home part 1), Sam's prayer (from a single drop of rain), Blue Moon of Kentucky (Also sung by Scott from the episode Memphis Melody), Baby Lets Play House (also sung by Scott and from Memphis Melody), Shoot out (from the last Gunfighter), Medley from Man of La Mancha ( sung by scott from the episode Catch falling Star), Bit Me (from the episode Blood Moon), Alphabet Rap (Performed by Dean Stockwell from the episode Schock Theatre), Suite from Lee Havrvey Oswald ( from the episode Leaping on a String), Fate's Wide Whell (sung by Scott from he episode Glitter Rock. After that there is a really good inerview with Scott and finally the Quantum Leap Prologue and Main title. I ordered it off Amazon.com for $13.99. With shipping it came out to $16.97. I'm not sure where else you could get it. I hope that answers all your questions. It really is a great cd. I just love Scott's voice. He can do so much with it and he makes it sound so effortless. I hope you get this.

Re: Cd info

Date: 01/21/2001
From: wishful_dreamer

Thank you for the info, but I beat you to the punch. Just yesterday, I found that exact same Cd. I did not order it yet beacause I was waiting to hear from you, but since it is the same, I will order is asap. Thanks for your original post which let me know such a Cd existed.
Re: Music

Article 1744:
More songs

Date: 04/05/2001
From: Helene

Okay, a few more songs, from tha albums "Music" and "Ray Of Light" of Madonna.

The lyrics of the follwing sobgs belong to Madonna.
The characters of Quantum Leap belong Belisarius Productions.


You?ll only see Sam back if you act for it
And Quantum will be what you want it to be
Not frozen, no leapers, hope?s not frozen
We?re so consumed with what Sam didn?t get
Now it?s time to put future things right
Not broken, Quantum Leap?s future is open

Mmm, if it hadn?t been for money
Mmm, Quantum Leap wouldn?t have fallen apart
Mmm, in our hearts it will stay
Mmm, we hold the key

Now there?s a point in placing the life
Of Quantum Leap in our leapers? hands
And with our care
It will never be broken
Quantum Leap is ours, it has our love
And the last hurt can?t make it die
Not frozen, my leaper?s heart is open

Mmm, if it hadn?t been for profit
Mmm, Quantum Leap wouldn?t have escaped from us
Mmm, but leapers? power is stronger
Mmm, we hold the key



Hey, Miss Ziggy
Call God-Fate-Time-Whatever
I wanna leap home with Sammy

Would you like to boogie leaping
Do you want to boogie leaping
Do you want to see Quantum Leap back
If so, leapers, listen to me?

Hey, Miss Ziggy
Call God-Fate-Time-Whatever
I wanna leap with my Sammy
And when the blue light starts
I never wanna stop
But until that, I?m crazy

Quantum Leap make the leapers com?home together
Quantum Leap make Sam & Al put things right together

Don?t think of Mirror Image
I don?t look at these sentences
I?d like to see the Leap back
And I?m asking God-Time-Fate
To do a last miracle
And I?m like the Hologram,
?cause I never go away, from?

Quantum Leap, make all leapers wish for Sam home
Quantum Leap make us wait for Scott and Dean

Hey, Mr. Leaper?

Would you like to boogie leaping
Do you want to boogie leaping
Do you want to see Quantum Leap back
If so, leapers, listen to me?

Hey Mr. Leaper
Call Universal
I want you to leap home
And when the light wraps you
Then I?ll be in heaven
But until that, I?m crazy

Quantum Leap, now it?s leapers, who?ll make Sam come home
Quantum Leap, now it?s leapers, who?ll make you come back



Unless Quantum Leap is back, I won?t go
The Leap has been broken? I won?t let go
You?ll understand us when you learn we won?t go
To the end of Quantum Leap, leapers say no
Make the Leap alive

A lesson from Sam, you could have seen
It?s easy to destruct, but not to build
Letters are warnings you were wrong
I pray to God that you won?t be long
To bring the Leap back

There?s one thing left to try
And you don?t need more time
There?s no greater power than the power of leapers? Light

Without convincing you, I won?t go
The Light has been turned off? but will be back
You made Quantum Leap fall apart
You would be prouder bringing it back

There?s one thing left to do
And no-one?s not willing to
There?s no greater power than the power of leaper? Light

The power of leaper?s Light
The power of Quantum Light

You?ve got nothing to lose
And leapers? joined hands prove
There?s no greater power than the power of Quantum Light

You?ve got nothing to lose
And leapers? joined hands prove
There?s no greater power than the power of leapers? Light


Okay, I finished the Quantum Leap album too, and will post soon. Also, I began "Where I'm headed" (Lene Marlin) and "Earth Song" (Michael Jackson).

Bye all !
Keep the Leap,

Re: QL Songs

Article 1784:
Sam and his singing

Date: 04/12/2001
From: Ziggy_the_Ego

I was wondering if the members of BBoard could please tell me the names of the songs that Sam/Scott sang in Quantum Leap.
I know he sang "Somewhere in the Night", but I am sure there was more.
Thanks a million.

Leap On!

Date: 04/12/2001
From: bigQLfan

He sang a lot actually. "Somewhere in the night" he actually co-wrote, what a talented man! He also sang, "Blue Moon", "Imagine", a medely from the musical "Man of La Mancha", "Fate's wide wheel" (written for the seris) and I know there are others but I'm not sure what they are. Hope that helps.


Date: 04/13/2001
From: CoolHandJean

1 fate's wide wheel
2 somewhere in the night
3 feeling down
4 footloose
5 heatwave
6 baby let's play house
7 man of la mancha
8 imagine
9 alphabet rap song
10 blue moon of Kentucky
11 volare
12 Amazing Grace

more songs
Date: 04/13/2001
From: TinaBaby

He also sang "Quana Lagusta" (SP) and "Great Balls of Fire" in 'Miss Deep South'
"Do You Love Me?" and "My Boyfriends Back" was sang in 'A Song for the Soul'

Another list of songs

Date: 04/13/2001
From: TVLeaper

Here's a list of songs that you've asked for. I found this at the web site created by Ailsa Jenkins at www.apusapus.demon.co.uk. Her list is more thorough in that it also includes songs where Sam did not sing, but played an instrument.

The Right Hand of God
"Amazing Grace"
Double Identity
Camikazi Kid
"Let It Be Me"
duet, of sorts, with Dean Stockwell
Catch A Falling Star
"Man of La Mancha"
"The Psalm"
"The Impossible Dream"
Pool Hall Blues
"When You're Feeling Down..."
Maybe Baby
"Maybe Baby"
The Leap Home
Dean joins in for a duet close to the end
Miss Deep South
"Cuando le gusta" duet with Dean Stockwell
"Great balls of fire"
A Little Miracle
"Joy to the World"
(Dean sings his own version of "Deck the Halls")
Piano Man
"Somewhere in the Night"
Southern Comforts
"Bottles of Beer on the Wall"
Glitter Rock
"Rock the Redhead"
"Fate's Wide Wheel"
"Hot Spot"
A Song for the Soul
"My Boyfriend's Back"
"Do Ya Love Me"
"Right On Time..."
Stand Up
"Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
"The World Will Be Brighter Because of You..."
Memphis Melody
"My Happiness"
"Will the Circle be Unbroken"
"Blue Moon of Kentucky"
"Baby, Let's Play House"
"Amazing Grace"

hear Sam sing!!
Date: 04/15/2001
From: Becketts_babe

there are quite a few songs that Sam sings in Quantum Leap and if I'm not mistaken I think Scott actually wrote quite a few of them himself, including somewhere in the night from ' piano man'. You can buty an album of all things Quantum Leap on cd from Amazon.co.uk for ?15.99 and it includes the theme music and the alphabet rap which Al sung to the inmates in the nut house to help Sam leap, my kids love that one!! lol. or if you have none of the songs you can listen and download some which I will list in a mo from a site that has just changed addresses today actually. The Scott Bakula Entertainment site at www.scottbakulafan.com most of these are from Q.L 1. Volare 2.When you're feeling down 3.Somewhere in the night 4.Quantum Leap theme 5.Mr and Mrs Smith theme 6.Quando le Gusta 7.Footloose 8.Great balls of fire 9.Heatwave 10.Steam Heat just go there and click on audio, it's a wicked site, one of the best I've found, hundreds of piccies there too. Enjoy!!