Leaping and "real life"


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Sep 1, 2002
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Leaping and "real life"

Article 804:
Quantum Leap Marathon

Date: 11/16/2000
From: SamBeckettLover

I was so excited to turn on my television today at eleven in the morning to find a quantum leap marathon on! And I love when they put those little facts at the bottom of the screen throughout the show! The one asked about who we would leap into if we could. I decided leap to save my friend's brother. He was driving down the road with a few friends and he was insulting this group of people that insult him all the time. Well another driver thought that the insult was aimed at him. So they pulled over to fight it out and the guy pulled a knife on my friend's brother and killed him. Then the mom committed suicide, my friend became bad, got pregnent, and can't keep a job. This is definitely a job for good old Sam. ANybody else have a story to tell?


Date: 11/17/2000

I'm sure we could all come up with hundreds of stories for Sam to leap into. Yours is similar to several I can think of, as I've had a friend murdered, and others killed in car wrecks. The story I would really like to see, though, involved three teen-agers leaving a party drunk. They stopped the car in a parking lot because it was overheating
and they wanted to let it cool down. While they were in the parking lot, they got a can of spray paint out of the trunk to spray on some repair spots they had been working on. A man across the street looked out of his window, and saw them. He thought they were vandalizing the car, so he called the police. When they saw the police car, they panicked and got in the car and left. One reason they panicked is that one of the boys was on probabtion for spray
painting signs at the local university, and he also had some
marijuana in his pocket that belonged to his girl-friend who
was with them. She was only 15, the driver was 19, and the boyfriend of the girl (and best-friend of the driver) was 18. When they left the parking lot, the police started chasing them, so they started speeding. The police never put on the sirens or blue lights, just kept chasing them. They rounded a corner too quickly, sideswiped a tree, and ran into a phone pole. Both of the younger two were killed
and the driver was originally thought to be dead, but he somehow managed to survive. He was charged with two counts of murder, and the whole town was divided by loyalties to the three different families. Most people in town knew at least one of the kids or their families---I happened to know
all of them. The whole thing was a tragedy, involving three
underage drinkers who got into a car together, willingly. Two of them were killed, and the third spent three years in prison for killing his best-friend & his best-friend's girl-friend. His life was ruined, because he wanted to be a surgeon, and cannot follow his dream because he committed a felony. The lives of all three families were shattered, a town was divided, and the poor man who made the phone call to 911 believes to this day that the wreck would never have occurred if he hadn't reported something that wasn't even happening. I think that Sam could have fixed this tragedy by leaping into any of the participants. Sorry this reply is so lengthy---I guess I got carried away! But maybe we should start sending our ideas to Universal & to Don Bellisario so they will see how much we want the series, or at least a movie, to be revived!
Article 824
QL dreams

Date: 12/01/2000
From: uranialeaper

I wonder - do you have dreams about QL?
What kind of? Can you leap in your dreams? In whom?

Do you often dream about being Sam or Al?
As for me, I do and recently I've had a wonderful dream where I was in Sam's place and Al helped me with my mission. That was really interesting...
So, any replies, guys?


Believe it or not...

Date: 12/01/2000
From: Luckslider

...yes I have had one. It was a couple weeks ago and it involved Quantum Leap, The White Sox, and me running around. It was very strange. Being that is was just a few weeks after the sox were tossed from the playoffs I had a dream they were in the world seris against the mets. And i have to mention the sox are one of the only things i love more than ql. But I had to flip back and forth because the sox were on one channel and the a Quantum Leap comeback special was on the other. I don't remember much about the episode except it was somewhere sam had lept before, although i didn't know where. It was very weird. But I do remember that the Sox won game 1 15 to 13. It was truly a hell of a dream.


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QL Fans gender debate

Article 1344:

Interesting thought

Date: 02/20/2001
From: QuantumLeapLover

Okay, I don't usually start a new thread, but along's marketing analysis lists started me thinking. It seems that most of the posters here are female. Is that true? Are there any male posters out there? Is there a reason that QL attracts more female viewers? I realize that Scott and Dean are both very attractive, but I would have thought that there would be a good representation from the males because of the science fiction aspect of the series. It just surprised me, when I started thinking about all of the posters, how many are female. Maybe it doesn't mean anything. Just a thought for this cloudy morning.


I'm not sure

Date: 02/20/2001
From: bigQLfan

There's a few things I'd like to address. Yes Dean and Scott are very attractive and as a woman I find them very attractive but that doesn't make someone a fan. I think it has more to do with the content of the show. Yes it has the scifi part but it's not primarly a scifi show. We are not talking Stark Track or anything. This show has a lot more to do with the characters and relationships between people. It deals with important issues with a lot of heart. Our main character may be able to kick some butt, still that's not his first reation. Sam is very sensitive and I don't think that has the same effect on the male audience as the female. I think women find Sam's character far more indearing (spelt?)but men may see him as too soft, which I think is a shame. TO me Sam is a good example of what a real MAN is but that's just me. That's just my thought, I could be wrong.

I didn't mean...

Date: 02/20/2001
From: QuantumLeapLover

I knew as soon as I reread my post that I would get flack for that comment. I didn't mean that the only reason females would watch Ql is because of Scott & Dean's attractiveness. I just listed that one because it would be the most obvious reason. I'm female and I watch because of the relationship between Sam & Al and their personalities, and because I find the situations and solutions facinating. I just found it interesting that most of us working to get it back are female and wondered if there are any males participating.

I hope I haven't started something here. QLL


Date: 02/20/2001
From: billcreeper

I am male and probably the oldest one here in the forum. But I really enjoy the show the quality is very high and the episodes are good. Due to my job situation when QL was originally on the air (lots of working late hours and travel time on the job) I didn't discover QL until it was on Scifi. If I had known about it I would have been sure to have taped all the original episodes and not had to watch edited versions. I don't think men would see Sam as too soft even though he is sensitive. Especially when you see him whip guys in lots of episodes such as Rebel Without a Clue. I am glad that a large representation of ages and sex are in the forum. We are all working to get QL back and that is the main thing. It is great that there are so many young women are in the forum though and I want to encourage you to keep supporting along and writing the letters. And remember you are a very important consumer target and they know it so you have a lot more clout than maybe you know. I wish there were more men and folks of all ages in the forum for the uniting purposes but let's keep the pressure on Universal. I am with you! BRING BACK THE LEAP!!!

I am MAN, hear me roar!!!!

Date: 02/20/2001
From: MacLeaper

Well, speaking for the other half, I am a male and proud of it! I also really enjoy Quantum Leap and I don't think Sam is soft at all. Sam is definitely great at martial arts and I think the show includes plenty of action. I enjoy the sci-fi aspect and I enjoy the drama part of it as well. Not every man out there is a Rambo, loving nothing but action and violence. I enjoy action series but at the same time I love watching sitcoms like Full House.
I find Quantum Leap interesting for the different situations he leaps into, Sam's sense of morals on the show, (a rare find on TV today), and the prevailing of justice. (Like in the episode "Justice",for example). There is just as much attraction for males as for females in QL. Though females might be immediately attracted to the leading male characters, I of course could care less what they look like. I just like the characters and the whole idea of putting right what once went wrong. Sam and Al are the kind of people I'd want for best friends.
I also discovered this show when it was on SCI-FI and I've been trying faithfully to watch all the episodes. And as for this whole female viewers outnumbering the males thing, I've also noticed this to be true of shows like MacGyver and Early Edition. (Two of my other favorite shows) But contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of males out there who enjoy all these shows, and who are patiently waiting for Sam's next leap to be the leap home!
Bring back Quantum Leap!!!!!!!

Let me check....
Date: 02/20/2001
From: goodolemr
...Yep, I'm a man alright.

Very Interesting Indeed...

Date: 02/20/2001
From: tina_als_girl

With your post, QLL, I decided to count how many males had signed the petition. Out of 34 signatures, there are only 7 who are obviously male. There is one I can't tell, but that doesn't really matter...

I think having two male characters as leads, and no female leads, plays a *big* part in the way of who watches the show. It's obvious that more females watch it than men... *or* there are many men who watch it, but don't want to admit it (you know how most guys are... teehee).

Thank you for bringing up this point, QLL!

Joy C.

Damn Straight
Date: 02/20/2001
From: Luckleaper
Yes, an interesting thought. But I think we have plenty of guys here on this site. Keep the Faith!

Qll: You drew me in...

Date: 02/20/2001
From: alongtimefan

QLL. I am supposed to be doing my homework....Instead I am drawn into this....and you did it...QLL you have some mightly interesting thoughts. I am so glad you are home with the kids and posting. So this is my response (I know I am expanding upon your original post...I also speaking to replies, etc).

My appreciation of Quantum Leap has NOTHING to do with my sex. When I first starting watching Quantum, I did not notice whether Sam and Al were attractive as men or not. I don't really think like that. It's the same for me as my love of Scott Fitzgerald and his work (I assure you also that my great love for S.F. has nothing to do with his looks). I love The Great Gatsby and Quantum Leap because they are excellent, not because of the sex appeal of Jimmy Gatz or Sam Beckett.

The exceptionally well written Quantum scripts, the fascinating story, and the realistic relationship between Sam and Al are always what drew me in...and kept me in. Plus, I'm a long time Sci-Fi buff, from childhood.

I give all new sci-fi shows at least one viewing chance (but lately, I've given up on Sci-Fi Channels new shows...they are just not to my taste..they are pretty bad, I think).

During this last spate of re-runs of Quantum...So many woman I knew oohed and aughed over Sam...I finally sat down and tried to look at him from that perspective...Now I can see it...But this doesn't change my first and most basic interest in Quantum... and the reasons for it. He is definitely good looking (as is Al) but then they probably wouldn't be in the parts if they weren't photogenic. They are also wonderful actors.

As to why more woman access and are posters on the Sci-Fi Channel BBoards...that's a marketing question...I have to go back to homework...which is not marketing. Hope everyone read the marketing post I asked them to read. At least I know QLL did...Thanks QLL.

And, Thanks again for such a provocative thread QLL.

55% are men....
Date: 02/20/2001
From: alongtimefan
Also...If you'll check my post 1336...you can see the actual Sci-Fi Channel demographic stats...55% of the visitors to the webpage are men...not women.

You're all so great!

Date: 02/21/2001
From: QuantumLeapLover

I love some of your reply titles! You're all awesome. I worried there for a day or two that maybe I opened a nasty can of worms, but you are all such good sports! I know we all have different reasons for watching, and different things pulled us in. I'm just glad that we're all working together to Bring Back the Leap, and that we're all willing to share thoughts and ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments on this one. QLL