Make the convention part of a vacation!

YOU ARE INSANE!!! I can't put it in any other diplomatic terms so let's say it again: YOU ARE INSANE!!!

I paid $193 to fly out. Your gas and hotel fees will be more, not to mention the pee breaks.

YOU ARE INSANE!!! (oops! Did I say that already?Sorry )

OK..if you're gonna do this, be careful. Check in with someone often so we know where you are, like, smoking peace pipes with native tribes somewhere in the mid-West. Don't stop in Alabama! You'll go stupid (Sorry 'Bamas)!! Visit the Alamo in Texas. Don't forget to duck. History has a way of playing with the mind. Say hello to Richardson in NM and don't eat Mexican food. Unless you like it. I don't. Btw, pick me up a churro on that last pee break (WASH YOUR HANDS!!). When you get into CaliforniaA, smack Arnold for me. Oh wait! You won't be that far north. Ok, act like you're smacking Arnold when you look in the mirror.

Be careful!

We do things differently here. You just wouldn't understand.

I eat lots of Mexican food. Yum, yum!

Don't worry, I always wash my hands after peeing, so that's at least once a day. And I also turn off the water and open the door with a paper towel. So your churro is safe with me.

I'll be sure to say Hi to Richardson from you, and I'll fire up my copy of Kindergarten Cop and smack Ahnuld for ya!

Oh, and I plan to run a blog during my trip. If I remember, I'll send you the link so you can keep up with where I am.

PS, Thanks for the backup, Leaper1 and Snish! :hurray: