Merry Christmas my friends :)

Hope y'all are having a better Christmas than we are!

Really need Sam to leap in and fix my life right now.
On top of all the redundancy/mega money problems, sister-in-law was burgled a couple of weeks back. They forced the front door so hard they damaged the brickwork round the frame. Nearly 700 quid to repair/replace.

And worst of all, my 86 yr old mum has been ill for a month now. She's so yellow she could audition for the Simpsons, has hardly been eating and has been bringing back most of what she did eat.
She's in hospital now, and feeling a bit better now they are getting some food into her, but being Christmas she's still waiting on a proper diagnosis, let alone treatment.

This morning, I phoned to see if she'd had a good night, and was told they'd just called the doctor to her because her respiratory rate was up. They told me to call back in half an hour to see what the doc had to say.
After five minutes of feeling sick and tight chested, the phone rings and the hospital apologises. Mum is in bay 2 bed 4, the lady with breathing problems is in bay 4 bed 2! Mum is fine.
Major relief, but could do without that sort of added stress!
Wondering how much lower we gotta go before we can start climbing back up. Praying 2012 will be kinder to us, but not holding our breath.

Sincerely hope everyone else is having a fab time.