Moderators notes


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Sep 1, 2002
Bedford, England
Firstly, although I am sure you have all worked it out, anything in my postings in curly brackets {} and/or bold[b/]
are comments or asides directly from me to you and not part of the original sci-fi board postings.

Secondly, I have started this thread for any other explanations or rationalisations which the moderators may want to give.

I'll kick off by saying that I'm making some omissions which a few people may find strange, given their importance. Chiefly, I am not copying all the lengthy postings on the revival initiative.
Not because I don't think they are valuable, but because a lot of the early ones have incorrect addresses etc. and because the correct addresses and details are all ably covered by our own bartender here, so the duplication seems unnecessary.
I feel the same.

The only things I've been getting (and I HAVE been remiss lately, I admit) is trivia and facts.

Also some questions that were answered by other fans.